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By Limited (ATB) – A Recruitment, Training, Mentorship & Self Help platform, for those looking to get in to Employment or Entrepreneurship.
Today is the first day of 2016. While a number of you will be heading in to 2016 full of enthusiasm, passion and zeal, knowing that you gave your all in 2015, others will be pleased to see the back of 2015. If this is because of tragedies, then we hope you find comfort in your faith; For what the Creator has decided, no man can change.

If, on the other hand, you have simply wasted 2015 and all the opportunities that came your way, then you have only yourself to blame and need to make changes.

Anyone who wasted 2015 and is now expecting 2016 to be any different simply because of a change in year, is setting themselves up for a Déjà vu moment in 366 days (yes, we are in a leap year), when they will find themselves counting the clock and waiting to see the back of 2016. Remember: the choices we make and the people we associate with, determine the course of our future.

So, whether you are currently running your own business, are in employment, or are still a student, follow the recommendations below and take responsibility for your life. Refuse to be a victim who sits by the sidelines, waiting to be rescued.

1. MINDSET – Don’t become a prisoner of your own mindset where you convince yourself that nothing good happens to you, that you are not good enough, that others are better than you, that you cannot build a business, that you cannot score A grades, that you cannot get a top client, that you will never find and marry a good man/woman. Be patient. Don’t let fear or indeed, fear of failure or criticism, hold you back. Instead, get rid of this negative mindset and start to believe that you are worthy, no matter your background.
2. GREED IS NOT GOOD – Do not be influenced or guided by greed or the latest “Get Rich Scheme”. Remember, clean success takes patience and persistence so don’t be led by greed.
3. DO NOT LET PRIDE BE YOUR DOWNFALL – If you are struggling and need help, ask for it. Too many people refuse to put pride aside and ask for help. 
4. DO NOT BEG – While putting pride aside and asking for help is good, do not BEG. Instead, put a case forward as to why someone should help you, invest in you, or assist you. Do not market yourself as a victim but rather, as an investment. 
5. THERE WILL BE NO FAIRYGOD MOTHER WAVING A CHEQUE BOOK – No one will appear with a big fat cheque to fund your studies or business so be realistic. Instead, look to get top grades and spend time researching scholarships as well as philanthropists who fund bright students. There are people out there who may willing to fund your business or studies. Finding them however takes time and this is where patience, perseverance and lots of research comes in. 
6. START YOUR BUSINESS TODAY – Even from your bedroom or kitchen sink. You have over 500+ Facebook friends; these are potential customers, partners or contacts. So, what are you waiting for? The Mark Zuckerbergs and Travis Kalanick (Uber) are the exceptions to the rule. Silicon Valley is full of entrepreneurs who are struggling to get their businesses off the ground. What makes you think you are any different? In addition, banks will not be fighting over themselves to fund your business so take the bull by the horn and start small today! 
7. BARTER TRADE – So you are an accountant and need a website but don’t have cash? Why should lack of cash stop you? Seek barter trade. Offer to do the developer’s accounts in return for him/her building your website. 
8. LOOK TO BUILD LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS – When building relationships, think long term. Get rid of this “what can he/she do for me today” attitude.
9. THE WORLD IS MOVING WITHOUT YOU – It is not for progress to stop but for you to catch up. So, get on this train or risk being left behind.
10. CURIOSITY – Be curious and get to know people from other cultures, countries or, religion. Ignorance is not bliss for it is often the cause of friction.
11. ATTITUDE – Change your attitude from “I can’t” to “I will look in to how I can overcome this hurdle” Many people are talented but few are successful and this often boils down to attitude. Winners do not let obstacles thrown their way, stop them from achieving their goals.
12. PEOPLE WHO SAY NO ARE DOING YOU A FAVOUR – Do not be angry with people who say No to you. They are actually doing you a favour, for they give you closure and, the opportunity to move on. The people you should be annoyed with are those who string you along; not committing to a Yes or No and giving you false hope with no chance of closure. 
13. DO NOT FORCE FRIENDSHIPS OR RELATIONSHIPS – For you can never force anyone to love you or be your friend. If they want to leave, let them go, as painful as this may be. Then refer to Tip 4 above, ‘DO NOT BEG’. 
14. DO NOT USE SOCIAL MEDIA AS A PLATFORM TO SPILL YOUR HATE – For your words will one day come to haunt you on the eve of a job promotion, job offer or, potential relationship. 
15. PERCEPTIONS – What message(s) are you giving out to people through your work ethic, campus behaviour, body language, attitude, or clothes? Ask yourself and refine these if they do not represent who you really are.
16. ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS – Often when you don’t understand something, this is because you have not asked the right question(s). Not all questions will lead you to the right answer; only the right questions will. 
17. USE YOUR INITIATIVE – Too many people expect to be told what to do and when. Clients do not have time to do so, nor do colleagues. 
18. BE DECISIVE – Indecisive people waste time and slow down projects. Make a decision and go with it. If you need further clarification, seek this and relay this to your team, colleagues or partner. Don’t just simply sit there in angst writhing with pain because you cannot make a decision.
19. GET RID OF YOUR VICTIM MENTALITY – Yes, life is unfair but there are many people out there who are far worse off than you. The fact that you are reading this online means you can read and have access to the internet which many people do not. If you are not living in a war zone, thank The Creator and appreciate what you have.
20. ASSOCIATING WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE – Who you choose to spend time with, will often determine the course of your life, so choose carefully. Be strong enough to say no; for a real friend will not be offended because you choose not to drink, smoke, or cheat.
21. LEADERSHIP – A job title does not and should not define you. Leadership is not about having a job title but rather, it is about taking ownership. Organising clean up days within your community, mobilising colleagues or peers to volunteer at the local orphanage, mentoring young people, all this is leadership behaviour and requires no job title.
22. LAZINESS – Life has no time for lazy people. The world of work has no time to carry lazy people. The same lazy attitude you display to others, you project on to yourself when you are too lazy to improve your own life.
23. AFRICA CONSISTS OF 54 COUNTRIES AND 1 BILLION PEOPLE – So make contacts and customers in the continent.
24. BAD THINGS HAPPEN BECAUSE GOOD PEOPLE DO NOT SPEAK UP – Speak up when you see something bad or wrong. Not being directly involved does not absolve you of all responsibility.
25. DO NOT HAVE ANY EMOTIONAL CONNECTION TO MONEY – When you are emotionally connected to anything or anyone, they have power over you. This is okay if it is family but not when it is material goods. 
26. GOOD SAMARITAN FROM AFAR – Your good Samaritan is likely to appear in the form of someone who you least expect; for they will often not be a close friend. Indeed, they may come from a different country, culture or religion, or may be struggling financially themselves. That friend of yours, who you have been counting on, will disappear in your time of need. So learn to embrace people from all walks of life, for your good Samaritan will often not be who you expect. 
27. STOP WISHING YOU HAD SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE – This is the life the Creator has chosen for you, so deal with it! Fantasising about being someone else does not change anything and is a waste of time. Use this time and energy to make improvements to your life, instead of wasting it wishing.
28. APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE – For the grass is not always greener on the other side.
******************************* (ATB), wishes you and your families, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Good Health and Success in 2016! 
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