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MICROSOFT MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME – A 4Afrika Initiative (ATB), is a Digital Recruitment, Mentorship, & Training company that utilises Web, Mobile applications, Social Media and Video to identify, train and recruit top talent on behalf of our clients & partners who range from fast growth start-ups to multinationals in sectors including: FMCGs, Mining, Management Consulting, Technology, Mobile Operator, Media, Legal, Banking and, Venture Capital.

Companies with whom we have partnered with for recruitment, marketing, and brand visibility purposes include: Coca-Cola, Unilever, Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS), Business Mind Magazine, BAT (British American Tobacco), Safaricom, Public Image Africa, KIIRA Motors Corporation, Highlands Mineral Water, Microsoft, @iBizAfrica (Strathmore University, Nairobi), Craft Silicon, Standard Chartered Bank, and Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA), to name a few.

MICROSOFT MySkills4Afrika

Microsoft employees from all over the world volunteer their time, talent and considerable expertise to help build a successful and dynamic future for Africa. Launched in late 2013, participants support a wide range of individuals and organizations across the continent, ranging from start-ups, small and medium businesses to schools, universities, government agencies and individuals such as students, graduates, and job seekers. The objective of Microsoft MySkills4Afrika is building world class skills and increasing innovation and affordable technology access on the African continent.


Capacity Building – To enable the mentees to prepare for life after campus; be it in Employment or, Entrepreneurship. Recruiters constantly complain about the skills gap that currently exists between what they are looking for, and what graduate candidates have to offer. We hope this project goes some way in bridging the skills gap using Microsoft internal skills offered by the professional volunteers. With the mentorship program, professionals gain satisfaction through knowledge transfer to communities overseas, sharing their experiences with young students trying to find a job or, build a start-up, under challenging economic conditions.   PLEASE NOTE: This is a FREE mentorship programme conducted on Skype.

TRAINING & MENTORSHIP – What gaps are we filling?

There is currently a mismatch between the skills employers are looking for and the those offered by youth. Many recruiters often cite ‘soft skills’ as an area that needs addressing i.e. communication skills (both written & verbal), leadership skills, business & social etiquette, presentation skills and self confidence are some examples. ATB, together with its partners, has been training Kenyan youth over the last few years on soft skills and partnering with Microsoft will enable ATB to roll out this programme to more deserving youth, within the African continent.


Whether you are looking to join the corporate world as a lawyer, PR, Finance, Banking, IT, Sales, Supply Chain, HR, or are looking to start your own business, with Microsoft’s large network of employees and partners, we have no doubt that you will be able to find the right mentor. Current Microsoft Mentors come from diverse countries (USA, UK, India, Austria, Denmark, France, Portugal, Israel, Turkey) and, from a variety of functions: HR, Finance, IT, Marketing, Law, Entrepreneurship, Engineering and more.

TESTIMONIALS FROM MICROSOFT MENTEES – Check out these testimonials from participants as well as graduates of this Mentorship programme.

1. Beryl (Strathmore University Graduate) – I would advise both ATB and non-ATB candidates to take up this rare opportunity as it widens one’s perspective and exposes one to insights that are not taught in the classroom… I am really grateful for this paradigm-changing opportunity!

2. William (Moi University Graduand) – The experience has been great. As the scope of the mentorship was defined, I have learnt considerably a lot in Digital Marketing and even beyond, including: Defining my career path,Working Smart in seizing opportunities, Professional Branding (and Corporate realm best practices), Personal Branding (Values to exhibit and principles to embrace as a person), as well as, Best practices in job hunting (including CV, Cover letter and interview techniques). My sincerest gratitude to Microsoft and for creating this wonderful opportunity. I commit to implement whatever I’ve learnt and equally share with others who might not have had the opportunity to learn the same vital concepts of transformation.

3. Danstan (University of Nairobi Student) – I am grateful to ATB, for giving me this opportunity to be mentored by Philip. He is an amazing guy. Someone I really wish I’d met earlier in life. He is so at ease and real with life. His approach to everything is just one of a kind and inspires me on all spheres of life. We only just got to know each other but it feels like we’re long lost friends. May God bless you.

4. Douglas (Kenyatta University Graduate) – I must say my mentor is one very much awesome person. He is so insightful and really helps me in sorting out some hard issues. I am very happy about this mentorship not just for myself but because I am hoping this will give him a thought on taking on more mentees. I believe what I have done differently is that we have more two-way discussions and as much as it is about my mentorship, he also shares the projects he is working on and I give him my views.


  1. The Mentorship programme works as follows:
    1. Two Skype calls per month between Mentor and Mentee.
    2. Each Skype call will last for approx. one hour .
    3. The Mentee (and not Mentor), will lead the conversations including asking the Mentor questions, leading the topics that they wish to learn more about, setting up the next Skype call etc. Mentorship is not just about sitting back and listening. Mentorship is about guiding you not telling you what to do with your future. NOTE: Micrososft Mentors are busy with full time pressured jobs and so selected students & graduates need to be mature, arrive on time for Skypes, submit work early i.e if you want the Mentor to review a document or CV,  pleaase give them at least 5 days or more to do so – these are busy people. There is no “leaving everything until the last minute” on this programme.
    4. The students and graduates will lead the programme and suggest next Skype meeting dates i.e every 2 weeks. This programme will last 3 months i.e. 6 Skype calls in total.

SET-UP & VENUE DURING YOUR MENTORSHIP CALLS:  Please ensure you arrive early for your Skype calls to test your equipment especially sound. If you are running late, please inform asap.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO APPLY & JOIN THIS MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME?  Students, recent graduates and young entrepreneurs. Participating youth must be: bright, confident, innovative, excited about technology (no matter which field or discipline they are from), display leadership potential and exciting/cutting edge ideas.

DEGREE DISCIPLINES: ALL WELCOME i.e Finance, Economics, IT, HR, Marketing, Supply chain/Procurement, Law, Engineering, Business etc

WHY JOIN THIS MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME? Get inside tips as well as career or entrepreneurial guidance from people who are specialists in the field in which you wish to work or start a business.

If you have not done so, we encourage you to download  ATBCHAT so you can be alerted when similar programmes arise in the future since our Facebook messages do not reach all our community. In addition, as various Microsoft mentors with specialist skills join this programme, we will alert you on ATBChat.

This programme is competitive so please ensure you submit a good quality CV.  To download our ATB Graduate CV Template click this link –  CV template Grad 1


You will be expected to submit an online application form, video interview and,  answer some short psychometric tests before uploading your two page CV. [The process is very simple and for the video interview, you need webcam and headset (as per Skype), then you simply press Record.

If you wish to proceed and would like to be considered for this Mentorship programme, please email: [email protected]