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COURSERA (FREE COURSES) –  Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities worldwide including: UK (University of London, University of Edinburgh),  and USA (Johns Hopkins University, Brown University, Princeton University, University of Rochester, Stanford University, Columbia  University & Yale University to name a few ) as well as organizations worldwide (Including the World Bank), to offer courses online for anyone to take, for FREE. Choose from hundreds of courses created by the world’s top educational institutions. Courses are open to anyone, and learning is free.  Watch short video lectures, take interactive quizzes, complete peer graded assessments, and connect with fellow learners and instructors.  Click link for more details

KHAN ACADEMY(FREE COURSES) – Khan Academy is a FREE US online training company that offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Finance, Geometry and many more subjects.  Click link for more details

YALI REGIONAL LEADERSHIP CENTER, EAST AFRICA –  U-Learn is a virtual learning platform designed to provide educational, informational, and media resources to youth leaders throughout East and Central Africa. U-Learn is part of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional Leadership Center East Africa’s outreach program, and is designed to enable, empower, and enhance the knowledge and skills of young leaders who will be the difference-makers in the region.  Click HERE for more details on the Yali online coursesYou can also find out more about the YALI Regional Leadership Center, East Africa by logging onto their website at or downloading the Yali e-brochure.

YOUNG AFRICAN LEADERS INITIATIVE – Take free online courses at your own pace and earn personalized certificates in LeadershipBusiness & EntrepreneurshipCivic LeadershipPublic Management. Each lesson offers video, audio and text transcript options.  Click here for more details

ALISON (MANY FREE COURSES) –  ALISON is a global social enterprise providing essential, certified, education and workplace training skills FREE to any individual, anywhere, over the web. The company is based in Ireland and there are 600 free courses for you to choose from:. Click link for more details

HARVARD UNIVERSITY ONLINE LEARNING. Find online courses and a wide range of related learning content from across Harvard’s schools, initiatives, and programs  Click Link for more details  

OPEN UNIVERSITY –  The Open University (UK), is the world’s leading provider of flexible, high quality online degrees and distance learning or sometimes refered to as e-learning; serving students across the globe with highly respected degree qualifications, and the triple accredited MBA. Click link for more details

FUTURELEARN –  Choose from hundreds of free online courses: from Language & Culture to Business & Management; Science & Technology to Health & Psychology.  Learn with experts –  Meet educators from top universities and cultural institutions, who’ll share their experience through videos, articles, quizzes and discussions. Click link for more details

EDEX –  Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX is an online learning destination and MOOC (massive open online course), provider, offering high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere.  With more than 90 global partners, we are proud to count the world’s leading universities, nonprofits, and institutions as our members. EdX university members top the QS World University Rankings® with our founders receiving the top honors, and edX partner institutions ranking highly on the full list.  Click link for details

THENEWBOSTON.COM – Video Tutorial – Whether it is Accounting, Beauty, Economics, Computer Science, Cooking, Health, Math, Science. find a course that suits your needs. Click here for details.

CODECADEMY (FREE COURSES) – is dedicated to teaching people how to code—and it’s available for free. While other online coding courses are a “learn at your own pace” environment, Codecademy motivates learners to keep a fast pace using supportive groups and a gamified points system. The school offers courses on a number of languages – including PHP, Phython and Ruby – and students are often already building and deploying projects by the time they finish their course. Click here for more details  

UDACITY –  Udacity’s mission is to bring accessible, affordable, engaging, and highly effective higher education to the world. Udacity believes that higher education is a basic human right, and seeks to empower their students to advance their education and careers.  Education is no longer a one-time event but a lifelong experience. Education should be less passive listening (no long lectures) and more active doing. Education should empower students to succeed not just in school but in life.  Click here for more details on their courses including free courses.

250 IVY LEAGUE Courses you can take online right now for free –

The 8 Ivy League schools  are among the most prestigious colleges in the world. They include Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, and Columbia universities, and the University of Pennsylvania.

All eight schools place in the top fifteen of the U.S. News and World Report 2017 national university rankings.

These Ivy League schools are also highly selective and extremely hard to get into. But the good news is that all these universities now offer free online courses across multiple online course platforms.

So far, they’ve created over 300 courses, of which around 250 are still active. Class Central has made a collection of all these, which you can explore below. I’ve split these courses into the following categories: Computer Science, Business & Management, Humanities, Art & Design, Science, Health & Medicine, Mathematics, Education & Teaching, and Engineering       Click here for details


10 Free Online Courses That Can Benefit Every Entrepreneur  – Every entrepreneur can benefit from continued education. Whether you are just starting out and handling multiple roles within your company or an experienced business owner — enrolling in an online course is always a good way to improve your knowledge and has never been easier or more affordable. Click Here to access


BABEL – Babbel gives you everything you need to speak, write, and understand a new language. Set your own pace – learn what you want, when you want.  Simply choose the course you’re interested in and start building your vocabulary. Learn grammar intuitively as you go.  Click link for more details

DUOLINGO – Learn a language for FREE with Duolingo. Each lesson includes a variety of speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice challenges. Clink Link for more details

4. e-BOOKS

BOOKBOON – Bookboon is a FREE e-book publisher with more than 500 PDF volumes in their collection, for education, business and travel. Textbooks for students available on this Web site are written by university professors, mainly from the UK. Click link for more details 

5. MICROSOFT PRODUCTS (for students and SMEs) 

Introducion to Office 365 Click HERE