Executive Coaching

” Dear Miriam, I would like to let you know that I got my promotion at the consulting firm. You are the reason I am here and I am truly grateful for your tireless coaching of me, to get this promotion.” Jane, Senior Manager at a global Management Consulting firm

MAXIMISE YOUR POTENTIAL – Our Executive Coaching programs are designed for high achievers and those wishing to take control of their career paths. We have helped many candidates secure senior positions & promotions in top global firms.

We recruit from graduate to senior level and companies we have placed candidates in, include: Uber, Unilever, Safaricom, Diageo, Microsoft, as well as a top (global) management consulting firm. While we focus primarily on careers within the private sector, candidates working for NGOs or the public sector have also benefited highly from our coaching.

OUR GOAL – To improve/build your leadership, management, and business operating capabilities by helping and supporting you to:

(1) Define your core challenges;

(2) See where you’re starting from; and

(3) Where you want to go.

Our Services include: One FREE Skype consultation for new candidates (15 mins)

1.   Resume/CV – Editing & re-design, including check for logic & flow, improve professional tone.

2.   Cover Letter – Drafting a professional document that is the perfect complement to your professional CV.

3.   Interview Preparation – Prepping you up for forth coming interviews. Advice on how to present yourself as a well rounded senior management candidate. Companies are often looking for managers/senior executives who display the following skills & characteristics:

a.   Operational management/leadership skills & experience

b.   Quick Learner i.e. ability to master content and operations in a manner that is befitting of a senor exec.

c.   Excellent communication skills

d.   Ability to work in a fast paced environment and respond quickly to unexpected situations

e.   Ability to recover after failure

f.    Innovative and tech savvy – evidence of introducing new technology, or KPIs. Experience in using SaaS and other tools (ERPs, CRMs, performance & time management tools)

g.   Examples of knowledge transfer/mentoring subordinates

h.   Ability to understand and empathise with people from diverse backgrounds

i.     Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

4.   Career Counselling (Skype call) – Help to bridge the gap from your current career situation to your desired one. An opportunity to discuss your career aspirations with a focus on leveraging your strengths. Working on your skills to ensure your capabilities and responses are in line with senior leadership rather than mid-level employee.

5.   Case Study Training – We are proud that a number of our candidates have been offered positions at McKinsey & Co., On this programme, we focus on logical thinking skills; training you to emphasise facts, not interpretations. Recommended for all candidates that are high achievers and not just those looking for a career in management consulting. Make decisions in a logical (data driven/evidence based), manner.

All services listed above are treated in the strictest of confidence.  If you wish to learn more, including details about our price plans, please request our brochure by emailing us at: [email protected]