Mr. Heshan de Silva

Founder & CEO, De Silva Group Named as one of the ' 30 Most Promising Entrepreneurs' by Forbes, this...

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heshanFounder & CEO, De Silva Group

Named as one of the ‘ 30 Most Promising Entrepreneurs’ by Forbes, this 26 year old venture capitalist has achieved what most of his peers only dream about. Heshan is the founder and CEO of the De Silva Group that is the holding company for DSGVenCap, a firm that makes seed investments in Kenyan entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for new businesses, with the specific aim of reducing poverty in the country; it is currently valued at over $10 million. He is also one of ‘Forbes Magazine’s Top 10 African Entrepreneurs to follow on twitter’, ‘Change and Revolution Magazine’s Top 10 Africans of 2013’ and one of ‘CNNs Top Entrepreneurs in Africa’. However, the path to such astounding success hasn’t been one completely carpeted by roses. Battling with alcoholism and drug-addiction, Mr. de Silva dropped out of university at the age of 17, after which he returned to Kenya and started his business. His first investment of Kshs. 10,000, in travel insurance for the poor, and hard work are part of what has led him to where he is today. Mr De Silva readily gives advice on business and life, especially via his twitter handle @HeshdeSilva. Click here for more details.

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