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HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE Feliz Ano Nuevo, that is Happy New Year in Spanish. As I am blessed to...

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Feliz Ano Nuevo, that is Happy New Year in Spanish. As I am blessed to see 2017, I deeply eulogize the passing of 2016 and I have a few things to say to 2016.

Dear 2016,

We are saying hello from the other side and we are grateful that we made it through your days. We have had great times together and I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly that you presented my way. However, as the adage goes “Whatever that does not kill you, makes you stronger”, I can definitely without an iota of doubt say, I feel like I have Samson’s genes. We lost a few soldiers during your reign but 2017 will allow us to celebrate their achievements because that is what they left behind – legacies. Some Princes and Princesses were born and we hope that they will live to the expectation of becoming Kings and Queens.

We made tremendous steps in making the world a better place but that will not hold us from doing our best in our next phase of lives. Some aimed at the sun and they could not withstand the brightness of it and they ended their year in darkness. Some are bitter that they fell short of the billion-mark they anticipated while others are grateful that they had a meal with nothing at the bank. Some are hating on others, for the grass seems to be greener on the other side, whilst others are working to ensure their grass attains color that makes you grin.

All in all, we have had all kinds of people in your era and we hope that some habits we will carry forth for they will empower a generation while others we will leave behind because we can do better than that. All we pray is that we will walk into 2017, with sharpened wisdom by the experiences and with courage we gained after walking past our fears.

We believe 2017 will be our year even if we don’t own it; we will prove ourselves right for having big dreams and daring to pursue them. We will not focus on haters because we know that in the journey to greatness, our success strategy should not consider haters as a factor. We will work hard to appreciate those who believe in us other than working hard to impress those who doubt us. Besides, we cannot forget adding that you did teach us great lessons and we are eager to implement them in 2017. I have learnt that the power of information is putting it into use because if we don’t utilize what we have learnt, we will end up being “informed useless intellectuals”. Hence, we are glad that you kept us company 366 days or rather we kept you company; we are grateful for the opportunities, we are happy for the achievements and we are excited for 2017 as it takes over. Rest in peace as we get busy with ensuring that we won’t be lost in counting the days but we will ensure that our days count. Hey 2017, if you are not ready for us, we are ready for you. Bring it on now!     

Yours faithfully,

An Empowered Champion


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