Ditch the Candy Mentality By Martin Andrean Gicheha

Ditch the Candy Mentality Some years back, around 3 years ago, I decided to do a simple research with my...

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Ditch the Candy Mentality

Some years back, around 3 years ago, I decided to do a simple research with my cousin who was roughly a year and a half years old. I bought a lollypop candy and had a thousand shillings note and I stretched them both to her, she happily took the candy and walked smiling leaving me with the thousand note. Fast forward, last month, I met her and I tried the same trick on her and this time she grabbed the thousand note and left me smiling at the candy. This made me reflect on how with time, priorities change and decisions are added more value. Initially, her world was so small that all she knew was candy and money was of no value to her. A few years later, she has learnt that with money, you can buy lots of candy and so money is the thing at this point.

This happens to be the story of life. There was a time you used your eyes more than your head. Then with time, you switched roles and the head got involved in your decisions and the eyes just witnesses. In life growth is important and so is progress; what used to move you a couple of years may not raise your attention now. When the mobile phones arrived, people didn’t mind carrying huge phones that had antennas but in this current day and age, all we want is slim button less gadgets. There was a time you just wanted friends but now you choose them like your outfits. Life has a way of adjusting itself without sending us notifications; we just wake up and realize that things have changed. There is a huge problem if whatever used to move you 5 years ago, still makes you droll. Who would have thought that we could manage life without a walk man and music tapes? Today you don’t need that, life has moved on without an apology to past such gadgets.

Hence, when you out grow some circles in life move on without an apology. If when you out grow an attire you make adjustments to it, what is so hard about making adjustments in life? Stagnation is a true mark of living in the past, drop some baggage and march into your present. Never let anything hold you hostage in the dark days when dawn is calling on a beautiful horizon. Push yourself to grow and out live your yester mindsets. Challenge yourself to face reality and know what it is worth and what is just for the moment; we cannot have ‘candy mentality’ all the days of our lives when ‘thousand notes’ are stretched our way. We have got to smell the coffee, wake up, roll up our sleeves and get down to real stuff. Best wishes from Martin

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