Can Social Media Ruin Your Relationship? Female Perspective By Daisy Shamiah

To begin with, social media was and still is, one of the best evolutions that has happened in the 21st century, in terms of social interaction(s).

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To begin with, social media was and still is, one of the best evolutions that has happened in the 21st century, in terms of social interaction(s).

Social platforms have made it simply easier to trace friends from time gone by, to stay in touch with current friends (some of who may now be based miles away from us), and to make an important announcement at the click of a button .

But hang on a minute! Hold your horses though. As much as social media has its advantages, surely it has also been the root cause of many endless relationship squabbles – some resulting in a war of words between ex partners – right there for all to see – or in some cases, to separation  and/or divorce. 

Now what, I wonder , is this all about? Am I to accept my spouse’s friend who sends me a ‘friend’ request or am I simply to ignore it for fear of offending my partner? It’s a case of ‘catch 22’, either way it’s bound to result in trouble. Social media is there to help us maintain contact at the click of a button (no more expensive long calls or voicemails), we just click a button and everyone is immediately updated.

That said, I have also never heard of social media being prescribed by a doctor and on the flip side, nor have I read nor heard about anyone getting a stroke from social media absenteeism. So, why are we all addicted to social media? Why go out on a date only to spend most of the evening distracted by what is going on, on your social platform?  Moreover, why have our arguments and spats on social media thus leaving a negative footprint for all to see including current or future partners?

What I am trying to say is, if one cannot manage a healthy social life on these platforms, then why stay? Why not conduct one’s private issues in private? Also, when you upload those photos or are posing or dressed inappropriately, could this not damage your relationship? Imagine if someone googles you before deciding whether or not to ask you out on a date? What would they see?

Yes, social media has its advantages but do we need to be informed about what food someone is eating, what drink they have having,  which movie they are watching or the ‘wild’ party they are attending. Will I jeopardize my relationship by liking or commenting on this post?  Is it worth the risk? NO THANK YOU! After all good intentions can be misinterpreted. Acknowledging how good a guy friend looks in a photo can open up a can of worms. If you asked me, social media presence is important but not a necessity.  Can it ruin relationships? YES!

So, avoid spilling your private life on it. Use with caution and more important, protect that which matters – such as your private life.  To read a male perspective on this, please click link to read my colleague Mitchell Odhimabo’s  views –   

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