Birds of a feather flock together By Mwangi Ndegwa

Birds of a feather flock together, have similar characteristics, do things the same way and always get the same results. Never be deceived and this has been...

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Birds of a feather flock together, have similar characteristics, do things the same way and always get the same results. Never be deceived and this has been scientifically proven; you will always pick the character and mannerisms of the five people you spend time with.

Our lives are reflective of the kind of company we keep so before you go for deliverance prayers or do the positive affirmations, check the characters around you. You can never rise above the level of your top five companions. This is something I have painfully discovered. If you want to rise higher than you currently are, you have no option but to change your friends and company. If you want to soar like an eagle, leave the company of chickens and ducks and be ready to fly solo. It might be tough and scary but the results at the end will be worth it. It’s true that heights can get scary but the views up there are to die for.

This said, you can never put these into action and get these results until you are tired of your current position and situations. If you are comfortable and okay where you are, then this post is not for you. You need to be hungry, a hunger of a much better life, greater success and achievements and most of all, bigger positive impact on the lives of the people you interact with. Self assessment is the beginning of this wonderful journey which though good, few are willing to take mainly because they are scared; scared of the unknown or scared of what people will say. Most people don’t want to upset the status quo. They better remain in the shadows and fit in rather than step out and be outstanding. They avoid the limelight for fear to be called proud, arrogant or domineering. The world was not, is not, and will not be changed by people who fit in. It’s changed by “misfits.” People who refuse to walk the paved road but instead, choose to veer off the beaten path and make roads where none existed. They refuse to follow the tried and tested road but instead, choose to try new things and ways of doing stuff. They don’t believe that all that was to be discovered or invented has been discovered and invented but choose to try something new, every step of their lives. They believe that there is much more unexplored and undiscovered lands and are ready and willing to take the voyage into the unknown, risking so much for what they believe in. They take calculated risks knowing that failure is not a sin but a chance to learn a more better way of doing things. They constitute a meagre 5% but control 95% of the wealth of the world. This club is exclusive; it’s not for everyone. You must be ready to walk the talk, be tired of mediocrity, never settle for good when you know there is a better. Refuse to settle for ordinary when there is room for extraordinary. Membership is open to those who don’t depend on Godfathers, handouts or waiting for the “perfect” opportunity instead, those who are ready to start with what they have and know and learn as they progress.

Are you ready to apply for membership to this exclusive club or do you want to settle for what is available even if it’s not the best there is? Do you want to remain in the class of those waiting for the government, teachers, preachers or parents to do something for your life to improve? If you belong to this group, then you will wait for a very loooong time and there is no guarantee or evidence of any person in this category ever making progress in their life. All power is in your hands but if you choose to give it to someone else to exercise it on your behalf, then don’t complain when they gather all profit into their accounts.  To read more motivating posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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