When TV came to my house, I forgot how to read books. When the car came to my doorstep, I forgot how to...

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When TV came to my house, I forgot how to read books. When the car came to my doorstep, I forgot how to walk. When I had the mobile phone in my hand, I forgot how to write letters. When a computer came to my house, I forgot how to spell.

When the AC came to my house, I stopped going under the tree for cool breeze. When I stayed in the city, I forgot the smell of mud. By dealing with banks and cards, I forgot the value of money. With the smell of perfume, I forgot the fragrance of fresh flowers. With the coming of fast food, I forgot to cook traditional cuisines. Always running around, I forgot how to stop. And lastly, when I got on to social media, I forgot how to spend time with my loved ones.

When we die, our money remains in the bank. Yet, when we are alive, we always feel we don’t have enough money to spend. In reality, when we are gone, there is still a lot of money not spent. 

One business tycoon in China passed away. His widow, was left with $1.9 billion in the bank, and married his chauffeur.

His chauffeur said:-  “All the while, I thought I was working for my boss. It is only now, that I realise that my boss was all the time, working for me !!!” 

The cruel reality is:  It is more important to live longer than to have more wealth. So, we must strive to have a strong and healthy body, It really doesn’t matter who is working for who. 

In a high end cell phone, 70% of the functions are useless!

On an expensive car, 70% of the speed and gadgets are not used.

If you own a luxurious villa or mansion, 70% of the space is usually not used or occupied.

What about your wardrobes of clothes?  70% of them are not worn!

A whole life of work and earning…  70% is for other people to spend. 

So, we must protect and make full use of our 30%. 

Go for medical check-ups even if not sick.

Drink more water, even if not thirsty.

Learn to let go, even if faced with grave problems.

Endeavour to give in, even if you are in the right.

Remain humble, even if you are very rich and powerful.

Learn to be content, even if you are not rich.

Exercise your mind and body, even if you are very busy. 

Make time for people you care about while you still can.

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