Female Perspective On ‘Fashion’ By Mercy Karumba

When I mention the word Fashion, what comes to your mind? Is it a well-dressed man or a well dressed woman?  According...

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When I mention the word Fashion, what comes to your mind? Is it a well-dressed man or a well dressed woman?  According to Robert Leach, men’s fashion is driven by tradition, authenticity and detail whereas women have an abstract sense towards their fashion decisions. I think this explains a few things about the disparity between men’s fashion and women’s fashion.

A woman will have so many handbags (formal bags, sling bags, purses etc), that are matched with the outfit in terms of colour or purpose. A man on the other hand, will most probably only have one folder or a bag as and when necessary which will only be replaced, once it gets old.

On shoes, oh my! Every family’s shoe rack tells this story – the woman takes double the shoe rack space or in some cases, almost the whole of it. Women and shoes is just an attachment that cannot be explained. No wonder a woman will carry two pairs of shoes-heels and sandals daily and still not have enough. They say that the first thing a woman notices is a man’s shoes, so this is a very important aspect to consider as a man.

When it comes to jewellery, while a man will usually invest in just one really classic and expensive watch that he can don every day throughout the year, a woman will have a whole jewellery box. Nowadays, women have even taken over watches by having colourful and decorated watches which in most cases, match with an outfit. I don’t know whether this is beating men at their own game or not.

As much as women are judged more harshly when it comes to fashion, we must recognise and, give credit to the men who make the effort and take a sense of sense of pride in maintaining dress codes. I am sure you will notice how much a man’s fashion sense changes (often for the better), when he is in a relationship and especially after marriage. This shows how much impact women have in the fashion choices of her man. I am not sure this also applies vice versa i.e men having an influence in terms of fashion on their women.  To get a male perspective on this, check out Mitchell’s post HERE

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