On ‘COURAGE UNDER FIRE’ By Miriam Mukasa

COURAGE UNDER FIRE There are many times when the saying "It never rains, it pours" seems to apply to our...

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There are many times when the saying “It never rains, it pours” seems to apply to our lives. We seem to stumble from one crisis to another, with no end in sight. Is it any wonder then, that some people resort to giving up and not achieving their full potential? However, it is during these dark and challenging times, that one needs to draw energy from inside and be courageous.

For one to keep going during challenging times is courageous. To keep applying for jobs when all doors seem to slam shut in your face is courageous. To pick up the phone and make a sales call when all customers that morning have been turning you down takes courage. To keep studying even after you have been written off by your teachers, takes courage. To enter the sports ring knowing your fitness levels have dropped, takes courage. This is all courage under fire. You are being attacked from all angles and yet, you do not give up – you still continue to focus on your goals rather than the hurdles that stand in your way. This is what separates the great from the good. They keep going even after failure, after failure, after failure, to the point where some people (sometimes even family members), start to take pity on them or worse, start to write them off as fools. Yet still they continue.

So, take heart and be courageous. Think and act like a chess player i.e. visualise the end game and focus instead, on what you need to do, to get there. Let the nay sayers find another victim because you are leaving the “Pity Party” Early!  Click HERE to read more posts by Miriam

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