‘A Good Foundation is the Key to Success’ By Mwangi Ndegwa

"The loftier the building, the deeper the foundation must be laid" - Thomas A Kempis. "Without a solid foundation,...

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“The loftier the building, the deeper the foundation must be laid” – Thomas A Kempis.

“Without a solid foundation, you will have trouble creating anything of value” – Erika Oppenheimer.

These quotes are just a few among many others, spoken by influential people on the importance of having proper foundations. A foundation is basically the basis on which other things are built, so they don’t necessarily have to be about buildings. 

How contractors are usually very keen during the digging and laying of the foundation. They know all too well that if you get the foundation right, everything else is guaranteed and if they mess it up, the strength and stability of that building is already compromised. Most businesses fail right from the start because the entrepreneur did not do thorough research. For a business to succeed, the location is key. You cannot set a blanket shop in a desert or refrigerator shop in Greenland.

The other thing that contractors are very careful about, is the quality of materials. If the materials are of poor quality, then the stability of that house is not assured. In the same vein, business requires proper planning and budgeting and being prepared for any unforseen circumstances.You need to know the suppliers, their reliability and also availability of the goods you are dealing with. Then there is the issue of communication. It is totally impossible to do business if/when communication is unreliable.

These are just by a few things that one needs to look at before one commits himself or herself to a course or project. They form the basis and foundation of anything one wants to do.They also apply not just in business but across the spectrum, whether education and/or marriage. Foundation is the key to success. So as you look to start a business, apply for courses or even get into a relationship, ask yourself this: what is the foundation of that which I want to do? I hope we all start with a proper foundation in all our endeavours especially to our students in all levels of learning. To read more from Mwangi, click HERE

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