Jonathan stumbled to his car, fumbling to find his car keys. His vision was blurry but why did this matter – he’d done...

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Jonathan stumbled to his car, fumbling to find his car keys. His vision was blurry but why did this matter – he’d done this many times before and always managed to find his way home. His friends giggled as they watched him drive off – they knew he was making a mistake but who were they to intervene?

Janet watched her colleague and friend Cathy build up with rage. She had just come out of the boss’s office and had not been granted the promotion she expected. Cathy was typing away her resignation letter, pressing the keyboards with so much fury, her colleagues were unable to focus on their work. She was fuming. She went over to the printer, picked up the letter and stormed to the boss’s office. Janet knew her friend was making a mistake, but who was she to intervene?

Matthew and Catherine sat by the corner table, giggling as their fingers entwined. They had been a couple over 20 years ago (while at university), but had lost touch, only to bump into one another 6 months ago and it seemed like they had never been apart. Both were now married to other people but their love still felt strong. From the corner of the restaurant, Simon (who was out with a client), observed his friend Matthew. He looked happy. Of course if his wife found out, this would be a disaster. Simon knew Matthew was making a huge mistake – he was risking his marriage for Catherine, a women who had been in the same restaurant last week with another man. But Simon did not want to intervene. It was after all, his friend’s life.


So, how many of us have found ourselves in such tricky situations? Watching our friends stumble from mistake to mistake and not intervening? How many of us think “Well, he/she is grown up; it’s none of my business.” But let us ask ourselves this: would a true friend allow someone they cherish and care about to make mistake after mistake and not try and advise him/her? Is friendship only about telling our friends and family what they want to hear and not, what they need to hear? Whether watching a friend getting in to a car drunk or, making another fateful mistake, can you really sit by and watch and call yourself a “true” friend?

Perhaps I am old fashioned or simply getting old. But give me a blunt friend any day over someone who simply tells me what they think I want to hear. Truth is, as they say; True Friends Will Never Let their Friends Drive Drunk meaning: a true friend will never watch another make mistakes without assisting, advising or, intervening to stop! If your friend refuses your advice then my friend, your conscious is clear. You have tried your best; walk away and don’t be associated with them. So, look around your friend network and ask yourself this: Who sits me down and gives me the blunt truth? Who sugarcoats and covers up my mistakes. Which of the two, is my true friend?  Wishing you all, a good week ahead. Click HERE to read more articles by Miriam    Photo credit 

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