DO YOU MISS THE OLD YOU? By Danstan Wasobokha

Do you remember the person you were before the world forced you to be someone else? You're desperately wanting to...

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Do you remember the person you were before the world forced you to be someone else?

You’re desperately wanting to get back to the person you used to be but somehow it feels unreachable.

You feel like they are too far gone. You believe you have lost them completely.

You were so carefree and now you feel like you’re always on edge.

You were outspoken and now you feel like you have to hold your tongue.

You could wear anything you wanted without being criticised for it.

You could believe in what you wanted but now you’re judged for thinking differently.

Gradually, you feel like the part of you, you loved and created died… and who you are now is just an imposter.

You have to put on a fake smile, be a part of fake friendships, and be what the world wants you to be.

Before, you used to do things differently, you used to feel differently, you used to be different.

It was a gradual change. You barely noticed it until one day, you said or did something and you thought to yourself, this isn’t me.

You have expectations to live up to now. You have people looking up to you. You have to be perfect and never let anyone see you fail.

Maybe someone changed you, or someone’s constant criticism or judgement, changed you.

Maybe it was a relationship? Relationships do change us but in the way of where we are (more ourselves),, than something we are not.

Maybe you don’t want to admit that, the person you are with, has created you to be the version they wanted, and you let them in, because you’re so in love with them.

Know this, love does not require you to be anything other than be who you are.

If you feel like you have to be someone you’re not, then this isn’t love. Love frees us to be the person we know to our core.

Remember this: There is a part of yourself that is always changing and growing.

There is also a part of yourself that you hold on to because that makes you who you are.

The person who is growing, starts to see things differently than before, because something in them changed.

They gained a new perspective, they gained new understanding, they changed their ideas and their thoughts, willingly. Not because of the notions of others.

Growing does not mean losing the person you’ve always been. There is something deep down inside the core of who you are, that only ourselves know intimately.

At times, you cannot always be the person you feel down to your core. Simply because you don’t have the means or the understanding to get there.

One day, I assure you, you will reach that potential. It doesn’t mean that part of us will ever die as we grow older, It just means we haven’t got there yet. Be patient. It will come.

Let go of anything or anyone that is not making you better, holding you back from your potential, or telling you that the person you’ve always known and loved, isn’t enough.

You are free to love yourself, every detail, every flaw, everything because it makes you, you.

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Photo Credit: Danstan Wasobokha


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