Our parents are still waking up and dragging themselves to work in their 60's, to feed their 29-year-old children who sit at home,...

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Our parents are still waking up and dragging themselves to work in their 60’s, to feed their 29-year-old children who sit at home, flipping through TV Channels all day. Worse, these adults post pictures on Instagram and pretend everything is going well in their lives. The parents have been struggling since birth travelling 10 km to school bare foot.  After that, they got jobs and used all their money to pay for their children’s education. These parents have never enjoyed their money

Now some of the children didn’t even complete their education with others, completing and gaining qualifications but then being choosy when it comes to job hunting. Also, the high teenage pregnancy levels is putting more weight on our grandmothers.

Those who have been fortunate enough to get jobs have forgotten their backgrounds. Most parents born in the 50’s and 60’s are dying today because of the stress that is caused by their children. Imagine working hard your whole life and never enjoying the fruits of your labour?

I have had heart breaking conversations with some parents. Some say they wish they were dead already so they could finally get some rest.  Listen, a real ‘hustlers’ dream should be to see your mother living free. #FinanciallyFree 

The dream should not be chasing after gold diggers that want luxury. What is the point of chasing girls while your mother is still struggling and dragging herself to work? Some guys would rather buy a $30 bottle of Champagne and impress girls instead of buying groceries for their starving parents back home!

We grow up and forget how hard our parents fought for us. How hard it was for them to raise us; how quickly we forget. Our parents sacrificed their lives so we could live comfortably in this generation. They deserve heaven.

Let us appreciate our ageing parents and stop stressing them out; they have been through a lot. Never forget where you come from. But if you do, don’t worry, your kids will remind you when you are ageing, how it feels like to be abandoned by the very people you lived to love, with all your might. To read more posts by Danstan, click HERE

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