‘Talk to yourself like a Champion instead of listening to yourself as a Victim’ By Miriam Mukasa

"Talk to yourself like a Champion instead of listening to yourself as a Victim"  -  Jon Gordon                             ********************************

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“Talk to yourself like a Champion instead of listening to yourself as a Victim”  –  Jon Gordon

So, you were treated unfairly by a friend, your parents don’t understand you, your teacher/lecturer is putting pressure on you to improve your grades, you failed to get the job promotion you thought was in the bag,  the man/woman in your life has just left you etc etc etc

I bet most people faced with one of the above situations, would immediately put their “victim” record on and set it to play in loop. Over and over again, their inner voice would blame everyone for putting them in such a helpless predicament. They would wallow in self pity, go through the events over and over again each time their role as victim becoming bigger and bigger.

Instead, what we should be doing is, allow ourselves a short time to wallow in self pity if need be (although this should not extend to having countless ‘pity parties’), and then come up with a recovery strategy. This recovery strategy can take many forms: from putting together a study plan, hitting the library and getting top grades; working harder in our job to secure that promotion or, if we have been at the organisation for at least 2 years, polishing up our CV and networking & speaking with friends to see if we can secure interviews. If our partner has left us, then telling ourselves that he/she had their reasons for doing so, so rather than letting ourselves go, we make sure we stay in shape and look good.

Life is not about avoiding challenges but rather, about overcoming them when you do. When you believe in yourself (and let’s face it, if you do not,  then why should anyone else?), then you trust in yourself to face and, overcome hurdles along the way.

So, my message to you is : “Talk to yourself like a champion instead of listening to yourself as a victim” Switch off the victim tune and start living! Click HERE to read more posts by Miriam Mukasa 

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