“SELF HEART-CHECK UP” By Mercy Karumba

How many times do we start something and then along the way, the desire fades? I don’t think it’s all in the mind, I think it’s all in...

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How many times do we start something and then along the way, the desire fades?

I don’t think it’s all in the mind, I think it’s all in the heart. When your heart is not there, things will always have a way of falling apart. A desire is created in the heart; the vision is created in the mind and finally actualized physically by your body.

Let me make this more practical, if you would like to be the CEO of for example, your own company i.e. a financial consultancy firm, you must have the desire and passion to understand accounting, auditing and finance and where is this developed but in the HEART? From here on (in)  you can strategize, develop your vision and get to put things in line mentally, this is all in the MIND. You then get down to writing a business plan and  practically work on the company details and requirements. My main point is, where has all this started? It’s all started from the heart. You can be assured that if it is just mentally driven or practical driven the possibility of dropping out especially when things are not smooth is quite high. The same applies to your business, a relationship or marriage and the decision attached to each stage of life.

Personally, I have often found myself making ‘rushed-up’ decisions in the heat of the moment. In the long-run, this has left me feeling empty and some-times frustrated. This taught me the hard way to ask myself the following tough questions;

  • Is this what I really want from deep within my heart?
  • Am I ready to follow through to the end?
  • Do I know the consequences of my decisions and actions and am I ready for them?

Get to know your heart status, not your feelings because feelings vary. Is what you want to take up, from deep within? Feelings are all about what is happening at the moment. For example, after having a talk about a certain issue, we all agree we usually get that stimulation and we make so many promises to ourselves and so many strategies to work on. Trust me that’s more mental and the possibility of actually working through and succeeding in what you want to take up is quite low. The secret is to sit down, internalize and have the ‘solo-conference’. From here you will get to know what exactly your heart desires. Is it just a rush at the moment, or is it from deep within? Will you be willing to follow through? Consult your heart first!

Let us try to do that this week and the coming week and see its impact in our decision making. “Attitude is all in the mind but the desire and passion to follow through originates from the heart.”

What is your heart saying? Have a great time as you consult your heart. Best wishes, Mercy Karumba To read more posts by Mercy, click HERE

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