My journey in life has been a gradual transformation and looking back, I can point out one thing: MATURITY. It's a bit hard...

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My journey in life has been a gradual transformation and looking back, I can point out one thing: MATURITY. It’s a bit hard putting all things together but I can say, When a woman matures she learns to love and appreciate who she is without needing affirmation from others.

She knows her worth even when she is beaten down by life. She appreciates her beauty and who she is and looks at the mirror and speaks life, love, growth, success and all good things because she knows that’s what she deserves even when life reflects her failures.

A woman grows up feeling limited by life and circumstances but when she matures she knows that her decisions are what determine her destiny. That sometimes not making a decision is actually a decision in itself. She knows that all choices have consequences and she bears them all without blaming the past, the situation, or the nearest person around her.

When a woman matures, she learns how to love with her heart, mind and soul. She knows that it’ is not so much about the outward appearance but rather, something deeper. She understands that love means sacrifice more than entitlement. She learns to stand firm in her principles and not allow empty promises sway her. She knows that sometimes she will need to make those tough choices that have long-term consequences.

Growing up as a little girl and always throwing tantrums to get what she wants, or always running to her girlfriends to vent her anger when things go wrong , are not the actions of a mature woman. When she matures,  she learns that life has its ups and downs. She gets to know that she will not always get what she wants. She knows that constant nagging is not the key to getting what she wants and that patience is a virtue. Experience being the best teacher that it is, has taught her that at times she will fight her battles alone and that no one will understand her nor care about what or how she feels. She will know that all she needs is to look up to her Creator, who made her into the woman that she is and a who has good plans for her life.

A mature woman is beautiful from the inside out. She values loving more than entitlement. She is wiser and more open-minded, knowing that she is not always right. She knows that not all people are the same and she embraces different personalities knowing that she’s got her own faults. She looks back at her life, laughs about her past mistakes, appreciates all who have walked the journey with her and she mentors other young women on the path to maturity because she knows, when a woman matures, THE LENS OF LIFE CHANGES.  To get a male perspective, please read Mitchell’s views on When a man matures



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