Male Perspective on ‘FEMALE DRIVERS’ By Mitchell Odhiambo

When I cleared my driving assessment and the things I saw, I can never forget that day. I burst out into laughter so...

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When I cleared my driving assessment and the things I saw, I can never forget that day. I burst out into laughter so hard.

Upon arrival at the assessment centre, I witnessed the police officer administering the exam brutally assault one of the student drivers. Jab, slap, elbow before he knew his Test application form was thrown outside. It was perplexing to watch. The ordeal sent shivers down the spines of student drivers who had just arrived, when another police officer came by and said “Men you’re in trouble. At least the lady can smile and get away with an error.”  Lol.

Soon after, a student lady under assessment (after driving miles so well), threw her arms up in to the air and started shouting and the truck them came to a screeching halt and went off the road. Again perplexing. She wasn’t assaulted if you’re wondering, but for some reason, she had panicked and gone into a frenzy which made me come to the conclusion that: a lady’s car can have less mileage than a man’s, but the dents and scratches on it will probably cost a whole lot more to repair.

I just remembered one time I was crossing the road with a lady friend of mine; I shielded her with my body against oncoming vehicles and quickly we crossed over. Immediately, she asked “ You didn’t even bother to check whether the oncoming car was driven by a man or a woman” I was shocked, I mean what difference is there? To which she gave a ridiculous response. “Women panic while on the steering wheel and her response would be to step on the accelerator which could cause a lot of damage” I laughed of course.

However, to give this issue deeper thought: Is this a stereotype or is it a reality? How often do we see on social media viral videos of cars bashed and bungled by women drivers in the most ridiculous fashion? What do you think?  On the purchase of a second hand vehicle would you rather buy a car formerly belonging to a he/she? Tell me about it. Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world. To get a female perspective on this, please read my colleague Mercy’s views HERE

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