So there are two things I believe that limit people from showing genuine love and actually being good company. These are: EXPECTING THE...

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So there are two things I believe that limit people from showing genuine love and actually being good company. These are: EXPECTING THE OTHER PERSON TO BE LIKE YOU and LOOKING DOWN AT YOURSELF OR THE OTHER PERSON.

How many times do we find ourselves thinking, “Mmmmh I wish person X would think like me, handle issues the way I do, enjoy what I do, walk like I do…”

What we forget is that we will never be the same at any one point. How you reason may not be how I reason; what I enjoy is not what you will enjoy, how I behave is not how you will behave, unless one of us is definitely faking things. I would like to pose a challenge – how about if all of us love ourselves as we are and, more important, appreciate those around us with their differences? Let us avoid judging. As hard as it is, you are not perfect, I am not perfect. It is the beauty of our imperfections put together that makes this world a better place to live in.

In another view, can you imagine if everyone in this world was like you? Every time you are tempted to judge, THINK ABOUT THAT. For those of us who are quite calm, composed and the cautious type (more of the melancholic personality), then this world would not be such a good place to live in you know, all organized, calm, no risk-taking. Indeed, I’d say it would be boring on that note. For those who are loud, out-going, living life to the full type, more of the sanguine personality, the world would not be better just because everyone wold be care-free, loud and in your face. In fact, I believe it may get a bit unruly and out of order.

Well there are many more personality types like the Choleric and Phlegmatic and they all have their strengths and weaknesses but let me not digress. The point I am trying to make is, despite who you are, you are unique and special in your own skin and we should look at those around us with the same lens and not get too skeptical or influenced by other people’s beliefs, behaviors, abilities etc.  “You are who you are, I am who I am. I embrace you and accept you just as you are”. That is genuine love and friendship.

Some of us feel like failures, some of us may think that our friends have progressed far more than we have. As a result, we have ended up being too hard on ourselves.  So, as you celebrate others and with others in this festive season, do not let envy or achievements of others drown you in sorrows at night thinking you are not worthwhile. No way, you are worth every happiness. Celebrate and accept who you are and love the other person with their package of PERSONALITY, STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES.

So, ACCEPT YOURSELF FIRST FOR WHO YOU ARE and ACCEPT THE OTHER PERSON FOR WHO THEY ARE. Best wishes from, Mercy To read more posts by Mercy, click HERE 



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