On ‘LOVE OR MONEY’ By Mitchell Odhiambo

When making a decision on whom to marry or perhaps where to work, do you go with what/who you love or take an...

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When making a decision on whom to marry or perhaps where to work, do you go with what/who you love or take an aggressive approach to pursue the money with the thought that love will follow? Which is which? And are these two factors independent of each other? Where a correlation exists, what would you prefer? To engage the one you love and help them build an empire or select the one with money already and condition your emotions to love him thereafter?

There is a local song that goes “Heri nilie kwenye Range-Rover kuliko nicheke kwenye boda boda” translated to mean ‘I’d rather cry in a range rover (Riches) than laugh on a motorbike (Poverty)’ and I am certain that encapsulates a significant proportion of our populace given the ensuing consumerism and the culture we have grown up around. The question at hand becomes; what are you willing to endure if forced to pick a struggle? Emotional turmoil with a rich lifestyle or emotional buoyancy while struggling with poverty. Something to think about.

In my opinion, I would rather you choose love and together you support one another, build each other’s dreams and work your way into financial prosperity and all other forms of prosperity you want for yourselves. I couldn’t imagine sacrificing my health, well-being and happiness index in return for a rich lifestyle. I empathize with those who do but I still think the social cost is too high.

We must all agree though, that there is an optimal arrangement considering the factors in play and I wish all my readers the best possible response. That may include marriage/engagement to the person you love and financial buoyancy to accompany your relationships. Please take time to read my colleague’s article on the same to get a glimpse of a female’s perspective. Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world. To get a female perspective on this topic, please read Mercy’s post HERE 

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