MALE PERSPECTIVE ON: Men Making and Keeping their Promises By Mitchell Odhiambo

Men have been faulted across the world over, for not keeping to their promises 100 %.  You may be left to imagine that...

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Men have been faulted across the world over, for not keeping to their promises 100 %.  You may be left to imagine that they just don’t realize how important it is for them to keep their word especially to their woman. But is this true, or do these differences appear so, simply because of our distinct differences in make up and understanding? Let me know what you think.

Men are smooth with their words and sometimes make promises without thinking them through; which obviously they soon forget. Women on the other hand, have photographic memories; they receive those words, mix them with emotions and their receptor cells carefully store them where they can easily be retrieved. And immediately the anticipation builds up and expectations soar which if unmet, crash the woman’s hopes and could destroy her trust in him forthwith.

This has been the cause of a lot of pain in many households and is often the reason why men get bashed. You promised her you’d take her to an island for your anniversary last year and here is a new year, it is your anniversary once again and you have no clue. You carelessly inform her how you’re going to be late in the evening because of some new project while she silently wonders; what joke of a man is this? Does he even remember that it is our anniversary today; that he promised so on and so forth… That my friend, is the beginning of your misery.

For starters, I think men ought to be careful and schedule reminders if need be. Women on the other hand, I would suggest that they be very supportive and keep communication lines open. It wouldn’t hurt to remind your man in the event you feel he is forgetting something. Believe me, this culture would breed a better understanding; I promise.  As for men, embrace any reminders, men who keep their word are regarded highly. Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world. To get a female perspective on this, please read my colleague Mercy’s post HERE


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