FEMALE PERSPECTIVE ON: Men Making and Keeping their Promises’ By Mercy Karumba

Dear Men, I just love how sweet their tongues are and how easy the ears of a woman are.

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Dear Men,

I just love how sweet their tongues are and how easy the ears of a woman are.

For a man will promise the world, literally, and as a woman, one will then proceed to note the exact minute the promise was made and hold him to this. It is a beautiful combination isn’t it?

I was just reading a hilarious post about a guy who promised to spend quality time on a Sunday afternoon with his girlfriend. Sadly though, having gone out the previous night and thanks to the resulting hangover, he totally forgot and slept through the whole afternoon. The girlfriend decided that since he failed to go out with her for some fun, that she would have her own fun with him and so she plotted an awesome sweet revenge, by applying make up on him and Snapchatting the whole thing. When the unsuspecting man woke up to the horrifying ‘beautiful’ image of himself in the mirror, she tried to convince him that he had come home looking like that.  http://www.boredpanda.com/drunk-boyfriend-make-up-revenge-natalie-weaver/  What a way to teach him a lesson?

As much as the belief that women love lies and flattery (and it may be an easier way to get her), I doubt this is the best way to keep her. Remember, it starts with the small commitments that you make such as “Shall we go to this place on such and such a date?” bearing in mind, that if you fail, you will make her have doubts as to whether you will even put a ring on her finger. At times plans go wrong, finances run out, which is why, communication is crucial; don’t just simply disappear.

Are you currently making promises just to make her smile for that moment? Make sure you are not in line to be taught a lesson or worse still, lose her because the trust is gone. Remember, trust is not just only about fidelity it also includes promises which are important to keep.

The question is, is it only natural for men to make promises and have such sweet tongues? I don’t know but I do know that once made, promises should be kept.  To get a male perspective on this, please read my colleague Mitchell’s post HERE 


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