I have taken a keen interest in the current affairs of our country and there are some things which have caught my attention.There is...

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I have taken a keen interest in the current affairs of our country and there are some things which have caught my attention.There is the issue of corruption in question money running into billions.Then there is another one though very popular among the populace has not gotten much attention in the media: The issue of betting.

I want more to concentrate on betting because it is cutting across the board right from the lowest earners to the well to do. There are so many betting platforms ranging from the estate pool tables and slot machines to the online ones promising millions and millions of shillings in cash prices They have very catchy adverts where you are asked to invest a little amount of money with the promise of winning prizes of even a thousand times more of what you invested. I won’t fight them because they are in business but I want us to put a bit of logic here.When you are participating in a competition where a draw will be done to determine the winner, it is important to look at the odds.If a million people participate, then your odds of winning are 1:999999.

I know this may not go down well with most young people especially those who have won a few shillings here and there. It is important to note
that the owners of these betting companies are in business and they’ve made huge financial investments so they expect returns.With this in mind, it’s
important to know that the only money they will let you win is just enough to get you hooked and once in there,breaking out will be very difficult.

Its sad because some people no longer go to college and others have given up their jobs and have been attracted by the allure of quick money. I
know this is one article few will give a second glance to but as I finish, allow me to quote Albert Einstein: “Many people miss opportunity because
it comes dressed in overalls and looking like work” These are words from one of the greatest inventor of past years and whose inventions we still enjoy
today, most notably the light bulb.

So to all of us and more so, my fellow young people:If you wanna be successful and to enjoy the finer things in life,you have to dirty your
hands,you have to bear the sweaty odour from your body in the evening. By simple terms,you must work. Hardwork pays off and effort is always rewarded so get down to work and forget about the get rich schemes.They are just an illusion; they don’t exist in the real world of real people.

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