‘IS HE SERIOUS?’ By Danstan Wasobokha

I get amazing responses to my articles on my blog, both in the comments section as well as direct email. I value feedback...

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I get amazing responses to my articles on my blog, both in the comments section as well as direct email. I value feedback a lot hence my decision to take time and go through each comment and respond to my readers.  One thing has struck me over the past few months.

I have a total of 17 direct e-mails or text messages with exact similar content from ladies I have never met. At first I thought it was one person just playing around with me, until I started getting similar question from different other acquaintances, examples of which I paraphrase below:

‘There is this a guy I met and we have been together for xx months now. But we got to a place where he just went silent. When I ask him why the silence, he claims to be busy and that he has a lot going on in his life that needs fixing. So my question is, is he really serious?’

As a person who has played that game before, I will simply tell you the truth:

When you had just met them, they were so nice and soft with their words. They were so loving and caring. They would call and text you every time. They made time for you no matter how busy they were with their career, studies, and/or hobbies. They seemed to be so exceptional. You trusted them and you gave them your heart and body. You told your friends and family about them. You planned your future with them thinking they were there to stay forever.

But alas,, since they got what they wanted from you, they no longer care or show you love. They no longer have time, they are pretending to be so busy to the extent that they cannot fix time for you like before. They are full of excuses all the time, they aren’t available for you, and they completely ignore you.

You are now puzzled, stressed and worried. You have many questions running in your mind. You don’t know your position in their heart; you don’t know what they are up to, you don’t know if they still love you or whether they have moved on. You end up having sleepless nights. Why?

Why not considering all those red flags? Why not trust your gut instincts? Why not understand and accept the fact that they no longer love you and their actions clearly show this. You need to take a step and make a final decision because you are wasting your time on someone who no longer loves you. You need to stop stressing yourself over someone who indirectly dumped you. You need to muster the courage and end such an unhealthy relationship soon because they are not worth it. You deserve to be loved and to be happy not to cry and plead for someone’s love every time. Think about it.  To read more posts by Danstan, click HERE

Photo credit: Dantstan Wasobokha

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