This is a qoute from Robin Sharma's Mega Living From the book: 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari'. This is true for every other fruit....

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This is a qoute from Robin Sharma’s Mega Living From the book: ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’. This is true for every other fruit. You cannot just get apple juice from a mango, neither can you get lime juice from a lemon fruit. To get juice from any fruit, you have to press it.

This may appear to have no bearing at all with human life but you would be very wrong to make this assumption. The human mind has baffled even the most learned scholars of all time. Its power to create and the amount of storage, is way above human understanding. When a child is born, like a new computer, their minds are usually blank.  Their interaction with people and the environment is the one that installs the necessary software to help them develop into useful members of society. This continues throughout their life time although it reduces a bit when a person gets to their old age.

Life always gives us some challenges and it will always throw some curve balls our way. It might be losing a job, breakup in a relationship, failing exams, becoming bankrupt or even your business going under. These and many more apply a lot of pressure on us both mentally and emotionally. We feel pressed from all sides and we feel like we are slowly being suffocated to death. At this point, people react differently. Some become stressed and end up with depression. Others get into alcohol and drugs while some retreat into themselves. But there is a minority who when faced with such a situation, rise up in celebration for they feel that life has given them a golden opportunity to bring a change in their lives and that of society.

You sometimes wonder how two people can go through the same experience and yet come out differently. One becomes successful while the other slides into a sorry state. It all boils down to what software was installed in their mind, right from when they were young. The kind of information that is continually fed into our minds will always determine our reaction when faced with a tough situation and what we’ve been learning or unlearning will come out clearly at this point. 

If one has not been trained on how to handle crisis from a young age then, when they encounter it in their adulthood, they just wither. What one does or learns during the formative years and even throughout their lives is what will be evident when a crisis checks in. The basic question we should at all times be asking ourselves is “If I am squeezed, what will come out and is it something I would be proud of or is it something that will make me cringe or hide my head in shame?” Remember this: if you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice. To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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