I believe all of us have used fire at one time or another; be it at home, school or even at work. Fire...

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I believe all of us have used fire at one time or another; be it at home, school or even at work. Fire has many uses and we all must agree that fire is of paramount importance to all of us; from manufacturing to domestic even almost all modes of transport has fire as an integral part of its operations. It is common knowledge that fire cannot be there without fuel. Its intensity is determined by the amount of fuel and its level of combustion. LPGs and aviation fuels have the highest level of combustion to the point of close to a hundred percent combustion rates.

With this background, let us briefly share on a very important aspect of all human beings which is very close to fire: our talents. Our talents are made in such a way that they need to be constantly active. If, for example, it is a musician, then he/she has to keep singing. If it’s a sports person, you have to keep improving in your sporting activities. If an engineer, you have to keep coming up with new innovations. All our talents are fire and for them to remain active and relevant, we need to keep using them not just for our own good, but also for the good of all mankind.

The fuel to our talents is one of continuous application. The other is selflessness. We need to know and understand that it is not for our individual profit but all of mankind.

Another thing to bear in mind is, keeping the right company and doing things for the right reasons. We need to also know that we are not about competition but rather, we all play a complementary role to one another.  a point to remember is that all the candles in us shine the same. If I am in sports and shinning there, it doesn’t mean that the musician is dimmed. No! He/she is also shinning in their own area of gifting

It is also important to appreciate that neither of us can do without the other. The world needs that which you have, so don’t let that fire burn out. Keep fanning and fuelling it and together, we can make this world a better place. Keep your fire fuelled. To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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