On ”COPING WITH REJECTION” By Gertrude Nyatichi

(It is late in the afternoon. Two young men are seen seated in a coffee shop immersed in a deep emotional conversation.)

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(It is late in the afternoon. Two young men are seen seated in a coffee shop immersed in a deep emotional conversation.)

Tom: (Hopelessness registered on his face) I am so down man. This is my third rejection this month. I don’t think I am good enough and this is probably why the interviewers reject me.

Eddy: (With a disappointed look) You are breaking my heart buddy. As long as you are my friend, never ever say you are not good enough. That is something that does not exist in my world.

Tom: You do not understand Eddy. I need a job and none of my applications is going through. If I am any good then why can’t I get the job even after the interview?

Eddy: (Shaking his head in disbelief) Why are you so negative Tom? Do negativism and positivity tango? You need to work on your attitude my brother. Just because you did not get any of the jobs, does not mean you will never get one. No is never the end bro.

(An officially dressed young man is seen walking across the room towards Eddy and Tom. In his hand he holds an envelope that he places on the table. He hugs them then pulls a chair and sits down.)

Eddy: (Smiling) So, how did it go?

Ely: I gave it my best shot man. They are still interviewing so I am hoping for the best.

Tom: What about your last week’s interview? Have they called you yet?

Ely: No they never called me back. (With a sarcastic laughter) They sent me a regret e-mail.

Tom: Does that not bother you?

Ely: (Shrugging his shoulders) Well, initially  I was disappointed but it is not the end. The fact of the matter is, they did not find me the right fit for them but it does not mean I can’t be a perfect fit for some other employer. Thanks to them, I learnt some things that I applied to my interview today. I think it was actually my best interview so far.

Eddy: (While clapping) Now that’s my kind of a man. Never bow to a NO. It is just a two letter word that should never be given a chance to ruin a life. (While holding Tom’s chin and looking him in the eye). No is never the end of life buddy. In any case, it should be the beginning. You only need to change your perception and strategy and boom! You win.

We have all read stories about the most successful people in the world. Each of them has a story to tell and they all often seem to have very challenging beginnings. They failed several times and NO became one of the stones thrown their way, which they used to create that strong bridge they used to cross to success.

It is never about how many rejections we get, but rather, it is about the will to make it. If we are not a perfect match for A, we can be for B, C name it. This is also a challenge to work extra harder. It is a call for a change of strategy and focus to be the best that we can be. So, never take rejection personally. Rejection is a necessary step towards success. To read more posts by Gertrude, click HERE

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