I have always confessed my love for farming and this is not going to change. Apart from its therapeutic  effectiveness, there are so...

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I have always confessed my love for farming and this is not going to change. Apart from its therapeutic  effectiveness, there are so many life lessons one can learn from farming. There is nothing as enjoyable as watching a plant grow from seed to maturity. This whole process is mysterious as it is fascinating. Many questions linger in my mind such as, where do green shoots come from when the seed planted was white? How is one seed able to produce hundreds or even thousands of seeds of it own kind.

This sounds confusing and perplexing but there is one thing we can all agree on, and that is: all this ability is contained within the seed itself. We may not see with our eyes the green shoots, the roots, stem, leaves branches, name it but our inability to see this does not change the above stated fact.

Many may ask what this has got to do with us as human beings. The answer is simple. Inside of us, right from conception in our mother’s wombs,something was put by our maker and this thing is what many call potential. Potential is the ability of something or somebody to become. What we see in ourselves and the accomplishments and achievements we see in our lives is not the finished product. We’ve seen tall magnificent buildings constructed in this world. Great inventions like the rockets, aeroplanes, gigantic ships, the vehicles we commute in daily, computers, mobile phones and many more all came from this creation called man. 

Anything in its raw form has little value but once processed, its value rises significantly. All of us, no matter where we’ve come from, our level of education has this potential inside of us. It’s like a gold mine and it can only be of value if it is mined out, polished and purified. The way to do this is to go through a self discovery journey where we examine ourselves, know our strengths and weaknesses then from there, we will be in a position to change this potential (dormant ability), into active ability. Remember that any form of energy is useful only when it is working. As long as it is stored, it’s of little use. Fuel in the tank of a car is of little value until it undergoes combustion and puts the car in motion.

Inside everyone of us is a huge invention be it: engineering, medicine, business or manufacturing. We just need to take it from the dormant phase; the thought process into reality. Let us not deny the world all the greatness resident in the inside of us. The world needs that business idea you are locking in your mind, the world needs that vaccine, that engineering invention. Could it be you are the one to develop the vaccine or antidote for Ebola, HIV, malaria or any other disease? Could you be carrying that idea that will revolutionize farming in Africa. It’s time to move from procrastination to action, from planning to acting. The world is waiting for you.  To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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