I have seen a new frenzy in town where it seems near impossible for some people to have food without sharing a photo...

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I have seen a new frenzy in town where it seems near impossible for some people to have food without sharing a photo of the dish on social media. I find it unbelievable. Every slightest thing has to be documented and shared on social media. It seems some of us are addicted to dopamine. We want to share with the rest of the world and constantly monitor the likes and comments to reassure ourselves of our popularity. I find it rather interesting.

A friend was sharing a story with me the other day on how obtrusive she found this behavior. Her roommate would almost always record them and want to share this on social media channels. This often made her upset because personality-wise she is very private especially when it comes to her private life. She asked “Why would someone want to share all this with the rest of the world?”, “Who is she sharing this with and what does she gain from this?”

Those of us who practice this a lot, perhaps never quite think through about the effects it has on those around us. Ever thought about the effects the groupies you take have on the people around you?

We’ve seen those parents who always ask their children, why are you always on the phone? What is this thing with the young people of nowadays and their phones? Since they were introduced to whatsapp, they rarely engage with their families as much, anymore. They are always on their phone smiling and typing and when you ask you are told “There’s this video on this group my friends shared with me. It’s hilarious, I can’t stop laughing”

How many of us put our mobile phones down when being spoken to to give full attention to whoever is addressing us? Often we have the phone in our hands and at times under the ruse, we are taking notes. Truth is we are pretending to listen and are on Twitter catching the latest news feeds.

What impact do you think your mobile phone has had on your relationships? Let me know below. Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world. To get a female perspective on this, please read Mercy’s post HERE

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