‘WHOSE ARE YOU?’ By Mwangi Ndgewa

This question may sound crazy or funny and I cannot blame anyone for viewing it this way because I was also a victim...

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This question may sound crazy or funny and I cannot blame anyone for viewing it this way because I was also a victim of the same until I gave it some serious thought.

All of us want to have an identity and this is a fact. Many of us seek our identity in different things or people. We have heard about instances where people do crazy things which leave many of us perplexed. Some things are so outrageous that they leave the world reeling in shock from their actions. Some even go to an extent of putting their lives at great risk all in the name of searching for an identity.

Identity is basically the characteristics that are unique to an individual or a thing that makes it stand out. Identity is naturally borne from within a person or a thing not from outside. It is sad that most of us do things in reverse. This is caused by an individual doing something not because it is the right thing to do or because it benefits them but rather, because the world approved or rather accepts it.

Many look for acceptance even if it means going against the law, rules and regulations and morality code of  society. Few of us do things from an inner conviction but do so instead, because of friends, family or societal standards even if these are wrong. This identities, may influence the way we dress, speak or even socialize.

Many have gone offline rather than allow anyone else but themselves to decide what is right for them and following them blindly. We may claim to be independent but this, it seems, is only limited to our physical movement rather than where it matters most: IN OUR MINDS – here we score very poorly.

My question to all of us is simple; Who is in charge of YOU? Are your thoughts directed by your inner conviction or by the opinion of other people? Remember that whoever is in charge of your thought process is in charge of your whole life. I conclude with this simple question: Whose are you? Do you belong to yourself or to other people? To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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