Womanhood/femininity is such a beautiful thing. Oh did I say beautiful? Yes,and that's a word set aside to describe both a woman's inner...

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Womanhood/femininity is such a beautiful thing. Oh did I say beautiful? Yes,and that’s a word set aside to describe both a woman’s inner and outer being. You will rarely hear a man being described as beautiful.

I value being a woman because life becomes worthy and interesting to live. I understand that all I do and the decisions I make are not just for me but have an impact on the people in my life. I therefore need to take into consideration, the feelings of others into account. I love the fact that my feelings are deep, that I can cry when I am happy, that I can cry when someone else is hurt, and all this while, I will not be judged as weak but caring.

I love it that I am patient and a good listener. That is why I can have a talk with a friend for hours. Not having a specific agenda but just pouring hearts out. That people in to my life can count on me and my love any time. And yes, I am very good at multitasking; I can have that call and complete so many other tasks at the same time: cook, clean, play with the baby. Being good at multitasking also means I can be a successful mother, employee and even a businesswoman.

I love it that a woman is taken as a sweet and delicate being. As a little girl, whose beauty and liveliness is adorable, until she grows into a mother, whose care and love is equal to none, that is the Joy of being a woman.

A woman’s love, a woman’s sacrifice is one of the most precious things in life. She will meet a man and give her love fully with-holding nothing. Her love will transform him into a more responsible man. The two, then have the capacity to conceive and she will carry the fruit of their love for 9 months and bring it forth to the world. A mother’s love for her child is just incomparable and that’s what makes womanhood even more beautiful.

How could I forget a woman’s physique. Despite the many challenges that come with having a woman’s body, it remains the best piece of art ever created with so much precision and uniqueness.

I could go on and on about what I love about being a woman as I thank my Creator for making me a woman. n. To get a male perspective on why my colleague Mitch loves being a man, please click HERE

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