I know that many of us love movies and I have had confessions from friends who can binge on them for a whole...

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I know that many of us love movies and I have had confessions from friends who can binge on them for a whole weekend barely leaving the house. I might not be a fan of the viewing part but I love the making of the movie. The life behind the scenes, the preps, and then viewing the action behind the lens of a camera is an out of this world experience.

In film making, there is usually a very big crew and each person on set plays a very major role for the film to be successful however, the most important people are often the actors especially the main stars. These are the ones who can make or break a movie. Another important person is the script writer. He|she writes the whole story.

My reason for giving this whole analysis is to help us assimilate the short message I wish to put across. We all came into this world for a specific reason and purpose. I view the world as a big stage and all of us are actors. Each is starring in his|her own movie called Life except in this case, you are the scriptwriter, main character and the editor. The question I will pose to you is this: When you do a preview of your movie so far, do you like what you see?

If it were to be screened to the public, would you be comfortable watching it with the rest of the world? It is important for all of us to remember that one day, this is going to happen and by then, we will have no control over who will watch it or where it will be screened. So right now while you are in charge of everything, write a good script and if you feel there are some parts that you don’t like, just edit them out. Remember that your personal success is determined by how good your script is and how well you act the part. The stage is set, the lights are on and the cameras are rolling. Give it your best shot and keep in mind that life never has a Take Two. Life is one take and you move on to the next scene.  To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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