‘Twas 2017, Now it is 2018’ By Anne Gathoni

As I write this, I am huddled at my computer and it is the second day of the New Year. Already I have...

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As I write this, I am huddled at my computer and it is the second day of the New Year. Already I have made quite a number of mistakes in writing the date, repeatedly writing 2017 instead of 2018, but I guess it will take some getting used to, having conditioned my mind for a cool 365 days to having a seven at the end of my date.

It is now time to alter that conditioning in to having an eight instead. In my room I can hear the distant rumblings of the clouds, getting closer with each passing minute. The clouds hang low, looming gloomily over us, a sign of the impending rain that is soon to descend upon us.

I am quite excited by this, despite the glum atmosphere; perhaps because this will be the first rain in the New Year. It has been quite dry over the past, this drought stretching farther back into 2017 than any of us have been comfortable with. So this day’s rain may yet be a sign that this year will be different, with it having started off on such a ‘high’ note. I guess we shall just have to see.

And that’s just it with each new day that we see. We are absolutely clueless as to what it will hold for us. And with a new year, the uncertainty is just as great, if not greater. New Year’s Eve is a day of great significance, given that as it ends, it literally ushers in a whole new beginning. It is at the precipice of that which is old and that which is new. It heralds and beckons a fresh start; bequeathing to all that are lucky enough to see it, a fresh and clean slate.

But with it comes fear and trepidation of the unknown. I do not believe that there is any man who is comfortable leaving that which is known and tested (the norm), and diving head first into the deep trenches of the unknown. But we face each day with strength that we draw from within ourselves, or perhaps from those around us. And with each New Year, also comes the excitement of something new. So truly we have two choices: to either meet it with great dread, or to welcome the new year with great anticipation, and promise to live it to the fullest.

This should be a year when we should really all focus on being better; and not letting resolutions just be a fad for each new year; but rather, that they may be commitments to ourselves to be and do better. Mend broken fences and focus on building stronger and healthier relationships. Applying ourselves to our best in anything that we do, and striving our hardest to fulfil our goals. Helping those in society, who may not be able to help themselves. To read more posts by Anne, click HERE

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