Female Perspective on ‘WHOEVER SAID LOVE DON’T COST A THING LIED’ By Mercy Karumba

“Well, you see love makes you do crazy things, ask my shoe - Uliza Kiatu” By H_art the band As ladies, we are labelled as...

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“Well, you see love makes you do crazy things, ask my shoe – Uliza Kiatu” By H_art the band

As ladies, we are labelled as the recipients of love, but how true is this? Does it ever cost us to be in love?

Remember when you would risk putting away your books during prep time to pen that letter with a borrowed writing pad? Fast forward to today; everything stops when that text comes in and your hands itch to reply. When that call comes in, and your heart beats a little faster. That costs not only time but also the risk of revealing your emotions as well, when you really can’t hide that smile.Here’s to the daring ones who have had to jump fences and gates, all in the name of love.

Remember how you almost get a headache trying to figure out what birthday gift to buy for him i.e one that not similar to what he got the last year. Or, trying to come up with a gift that will be different from anyone else? This costs you both money and a high level of creativity. While you may not have a stack of bills waiting for you, emotional commitment is still a cost.

In love, it’s no longer about you, but every decision that you make, in other words, the other person’s interests are equally important. You lose ‘me’ to ‘we’ and ‘I’ to ‘us’. For a woman and a mother, one is expected to love selflessly often entailing giving up your name and on occassions, even your freedom. Family comes first, no longer the single lady to spend her money and time in her own way. Suddenly you have two sets of family that you have to love and treat equally.

Basically, love equals commitment and commitment equals sacrifice, which is a cost in one way or the other. Forgiveness is key, no matter how much it costs you, your right to actually be Right. Meaning even at times, saying sorry when you are not the one in the wrong; just to settle things in peace.

Love is costly. To forgive in love costs us our sense of justice. To serve in love costs we time. To share in love costs us money. Every act of love costs us in some way -Jerry Bridges.   Click HERE to get a Male Perspective on “whoever Said Love Don’t Cost a Thing Lied”.

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