MASTAMAP – An app that lets you Create a location address, no matter where you are in the world!

WHAT IS MASTAMAP? MastaMap is an app that enables everyone, no matter where you are in the world, to...

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MastaMap is an app that enables everyone, no matter where you are in the world, to Create and Share locations. Many micro businesses are not on Google Maps; many of us struggle to locate them (since some move from location to location for various reasons). So how can we find our street vendor, food truck, remember where we parked our car or pitched our tent at a music  festival, how we can find that breathtaking beach place again or help our friends to find it? The answer is MastaMap. Follow simple steps to create or share locations. If you are an SME, you can share your own MastaMap created address with your customers. People who receive this address don’t have to download MastaMap to view it. The link you send is accessible on the web. So, even if you are an SME not on Google maps you can now share your location addresses with customers. Friends, Bloggers, Travellers can use it to promote restaurants, venues, shops, beaches etc), that they discover. So, whether you are a customer or street vendor, small shop/kiosk, whether you are buying or selling your arts on the beach, whether you fix radios in a hut, cut hair under a tree, create a location address today on MastaMap and let people know where you are.  


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  1. Sign Up or Login
  2. Click the + button (ensure GPS is enabled on yr phone]
  3. Name your location
  4. Add any descriptions you wish eg. Excellent spot for surfing, great venue for beach weddings, best spare ribs in town, Open: 9am – 5pm
  5. Share location(s) or, Save to your Location Folder.

Download MastaMap from Google Play today & promote small businesses. iOS Users click HERE


Create locations

Customize locations by giving them a name of your choice

Share your locations with friends (you send them a link which they can open on the web –

 no need for them to download MastaMap.

Send them instant messages perhaps to inform them you are on your way

Make locations public or private

Get directions to a location that you search for and even order an Uber to get there.

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