FEMALE PERSPECTIVE On ‘What makes a true gentleman’ By Marilyne Kiptoo

What do you think goes through a woman’s head when the word ‘Gentleman’ is mentioned? If a man had the...

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What do you think goes through a woman’s head when the word ‘Gentleman’ is mentioned?

If a man had the ability of get into a woman’s head just  to know what goes through her mind at such a time,  these are some of the things he would find her thinking.

“A gentleman is a man who will open the door for her, a man who will pull up the chair for her, a man who will walk close to protect her from traffic, puddles or debris , a man who will give her his jacket when it gets cold, a man who rises to his feet when she enters the room, a man who will genuinely compliment her, a man who gives up his seat so she won’t have to stand, a man who gets her safely to her front door, a man who will never verbally or physically abuse her and a man who will always show initiative and protect her.”

However, a real gentleman goes beyond the above acts. and characteristics. A man who is generally well mannered, polite, courteous, mature and man who always seems to be respectful of all people around him whether male or female is without a doubt, a gentleman. A real gentleman maintains his ‘cool’ in that, he is slow to anger and avoids physical altercations or mean words. He is well-spoken, a good listener, a man of his word who follows through with his commitment and is known for his integrity.

To crown it all, a gentleman relishes his masculinity; he is confident, secure, aware of himself and communicates a strong personal presence with a good posture, proper body language not forgetting a firm handshake. This is what goes through my mind when I think of a gentleman. Men, be real gentlemen and ladies, appreciate the real gentlemen out there.  To get a male perspective on this, click HERE to read my ATB colleague Mitch’s 

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