‘The heart may have a brain of itself’ By Mitchell Odhiambo

The wonders of the human heart can be best explored if we analyze the way of a man with a maiden. The good...

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The wonders of the human heart can be best explored if we analyze the way of a man with a maiden. The good book dictates every heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share in its joy. Who is he that has the understanding of all things? Who can tell us? This little pound of flesh has caused men of all divides, pain and pleasure in equal measure. It is believed to always be at loggerheads with the human brain but whenever this dispute arises; heart is King. It seems to have mastered its winning ways.

Allegories have been coined, to mention a few, the tingly sensation you feel when you meet someone you love; that is common sense leaving your body. Then goes one of the finest proverbs of all seasons; Love is like an hourglass, as the heart fills, the brain empties. Ask anyone who has loved before and they will tell you this thing is unruly and outrageous.

Biologists have told us the heart is myogenic, it does not need the brain to co-ordinate its muscle contractions. What they failed to mention however, is that the heart reigns supreme. It wants what it wants and when it starts demanding its share of attention, no amount of logic can get it out of its case. Humans marvel at kids whenever they throw tantrums, the truth is, the heart is more demanding with violent outbursts that could send your life spiraling anyway it likes.

When a woman you like passes by, your palpitation levels spiral high in a classic fashion. The closer she draws towards you, the higher your perspiration levels. I bet women know this better. Before they are consciously aware they are in love with someone, the case was closed and filed ages back. The heart makes a go decision then sends an impulse signal to your brain in due time.

Much respect for the heart; the cause of great joy and celebration to all that love. It defies logic, time and distance binding folks together with a promise of hope. How Charming. Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world.


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