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Supporting our youth in: Recruitment, Mentorship, Training & Entrepreneurship. ************************************************** Dear ATB Community Members, Thank you...

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Supporting our youth in: Recruitment, Mentorship, Training & Entrepreneurship.


Dear ATB Community Members,

Thank you all for your loyalty, support and messages. All these are very much appreciated. We love hearing from our community so keep these coming.

As we celebrate Christmas and look forward to the start of a New Year, this is often a time for reflection.

We very much hope that when you do reflect, that many of you can look back and be proud of your achievements and accomplishments in 2016. That you can look back and say, “Yes, there were challenges in 2016, but I did not give up, nor did I throw in the towel’ or “Yes, I failed, but at least I tried”.

Life is short and to live this short life in our little boxes or comfort zones is wrong on so many levels given that we, as educated young Africans with internet access, have access to education, training, mentors, job adverts, inspirational/motivational posts, professional experts and more, at the click of a button.

The internet is not just about showing off our cars, houses, material possessions, relationships or abusing one another online; it is about educating ourselves continuously (no matter how old we are), using the internet to learn new skills, make connections with people near and far, connecting with people from other cultures, religions, tribes, ages, as many of ATB members have done through our mentorship partnership with Microsoft executives from all over the world covering all disciplines including: Finance, HR, IT, PR, Legal, Engineering, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and more, resulting in our students & graduates acquiring business skills, career tips, presentation/startup pitch training and more. After all, knowledge is to be shared; so we need to share our knowledge with those who are disadvantaged especially young children on the streets or, in orphanages.

On a personal level, in 2016, some of you may have welcomed new members to your family be it through birth or marriage but others may have said goodbye to loved ones this year. The Creator is the one who sets all our arrival and departure dates (we are all guests on planet earth), and this is why we need to live life to the full (responsibly), and continue the legacy of those who have left us; for they are creating a wonderful life for us when we join them in the future. We therefore need to appreciate every breath we take each day – instead of moaning about what an unfair world we live in (and yes, it is), but spare a thought for those who live in war zones before you complain, or those suffering from ill health or lack of freedom (sadly slavery still exists even to this day). We owe it to them to make this world a fairer place, no matter what.

Let us take this time to think about ways we can change the world; for every little action helps – and No, simply retweeting tweets or creating ‘popular’ hash tags does not help a street child or fellow youth learn to read or eat. Learn to live life offline i.e. in the real world. Perhaps you could work as a volunteer in: education, health, the environment, conservation, teaching and working with street kids and so much more. Don’t leave your fellow youths behind. You cannot be successful if 80% of your peers cannot read, write, are homeless or, unemployed. Youth entrepreneurship is the key to Africa’s success. Too many youth think they are helpless and cannot do anything but there is so much you can do – starting today.

Remember, no one is responsible for your life and its outcome but you. As such, learn to love yourself no matter what your shortfalls, and improve on some. Learn to appreciate people and our planet (that plastic bag you throw on the street will one day contribute to the blocked drains and flooded roads when it rains), learn to say Thank You, learn to ask for advice, learn to give back to your community, Learn to preserve, conserve and recycle. Re-use bottles, recycle paper and clothes, support your local conservation organisations and, most important, learn to support one another. Success is not easy – otherwise everyone would be successful. Learn not to give up by throwing in the towel when you think you are facing challenges (often the result of you not prioritising important tasks or of poor time management), learn to face failure like an adult i.e. tell yourself that there is life after failure and it is called EXPERIENCE. Learn to appreciate constructive criticism and to have real friends and not “fair weather” friends, and don’t fall for easy money schemes (greed is not good). Learn to be patient and learn to welcome all people – remember, baby Jesus was not born in a five star hotel and his family had to flee to save his life.

Faith, Hope, Love, Resilience and Perseverance is what builds great people and great nations and our youth can start this journey, one day at a time.

We wish you and your families Joy and Peace, in this season of celebration, along with Health and Happiness in the year ahead. We hope you continue to enjoy reading our daily posts in 2017 and if you are new to the ATB community, welcome to our family where all are welcome. All we ask is that you come in Peace and an open heart wishing to succeed through hard work and self reliance and discipline. That you come to share, motivate and be inspired whether you are looking for a future in the corporate world, entrepreneurship or voluntary work.

With best wishes from
“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” Dalai Lama XIV

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