‘Women Dating Down’ By Mitchell Odhiambo

I gather from a friend that all responsible and ambitious men are either taken or married which is...

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I gather from a friend that all responsible and ambitious men are either taken or married which is really frustrating for the single ladies in this market. It’s unbelievable how these eligible men, once spotted are almost married at first sight. Top onto that, it is well known that the most important career choice you make is your life partner. What is it then with women dating down?

Your life partner could either build you a fortune or utterly destroy the strains of ambition you have left in you. I understand the innate ability of a woman and her capacity to pick a broken man and nurture him to
wholeness so he can realize his potential, build them an empire and protect his kingdom so they live happily ever after.  Respect to all the women that do this.

What I don’t understand is how some people make their life choices. Some selections are clearly off the hook. There is no interest to improve and no desire to achieve at all. I would advise our friends to be a bit more
selective in how they make their decisions. There is no problem in believing you could change someone and many have, however, there are extremes that may cause burn outs and disappointments.

Perform some self-diagnosis and try understanding why you make decisions the way you do. Is it because of some family history? Some experience you’ve had? Perhaps a movie you watched? And seek counsel from the elderly on whether you are making the right choice. I know this happens today and I don’t know the reasons why, except only to wish you the best and to hope everything turns out right for your children.

Should you wish to have the right foundation for your family, perhaps a man you can lean on, you have got to be careful.  Would it not be great to have emotional, financial and spiritual support from your manA man who could enlarge and expand your vision, as you return the favour in kind. All the best in your decisions and I hope your lineage yields a league of extra-ordinary gentlemen. To get a female perspective on this, please click HERE to read my colleague Lillian’ article.

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