Memorable moments need to be captured and remembered; this is where gadgets come in handy. The current technology has incorporated...

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Memorable moments need to be captured and remembered; this is where gadgets come in handy.

The current technology has incorporated almost everything needful in smart phones. They make life so easy and convenient unlike the hustles our predecessor faced. However, when an issue strikes in these powerful gadgets, it can be a headache that can take a century to sort it out. Besides, another challenge that faces the smart phones is their limitation in space and given that this is the Instagram generation, lots of it is required. If space is not sufficient then clearing the clutter is recommended, otherwise, one will miss out on storing something important because of lack of memory space.

In a previous occasion when a friend of my cousin was preparing for her graduation, she put on her gown and started posing for photos so as to let the world know she finally made it through the education system. I was granted the privilege of being the photographer for the day and after a few shots she came to preview how she looked in the gown. To our surprise, there was not a single shot that had been stored so being a tech guru, I decided to help her sort the issue out. I tried taking another picture but then realized that the phone would quickly display a message informing us that there was no sufficient space to store the photos. So the solution was to clear the clutter in her memory space so as to create room for the important occasion. I realized that she had never deleted a single text message from her inbox dating from 2012 – 2016. So for 4 years she had been pilling unimportant messages in her gadget. Were it not for the preparation of the graduation party, she could have missed the real graduation shots because there would not have been enough space to store her special photos.

Surprisingly, this resonates to the story of our lives in that we sometimes keep so much clutter in our minds, hearts and life in general that we miss space to story the important aspects/priorities that matter in our lives. We have hatred and prejudice leaving us no room for displaying love on to others. We have so much bitterness that we always treat people suspiciously. We have stored so many rumors that we give truth no room in our spaces; we have been victimized in the past and that makes us be lone rangers. We once were conned and so this has made us to always be wary and to not invest in anything that requires monies. This causes us to miss out on so many opportunities in life because we rarely clear the clutter in our lives. In the technology world, if a gadget starts becoming slow or working inappropriately, it is always best to clear its clutter and caches; this enhances its performance and productivity. If we will ever be smarter than these smart gadgets, we need to be clearing our lives and memories of things that do not matter; that’s how we can afford to live optimal lives. Wishing you all, a wonderful week ahead that is clutter free.

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