There is a lot going on in our minds and we at times choose not to share everything. Understand it is ok...

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There is a lot going on in our minds and we at times choose not to share everything. Understand it is ok and everything will be alright. I will use today’s piece to highlight some of these things

1.      We think we are superhuman: You can come to us for anything and we will make it our business to solve your issues until you are satisfied.

2.      Sometimes it is advisable to leave us alone: We like it when you talk. O that beautiful gift. Just talk and talk, don’t bother whether or not we are following. Keep up with the act. I can promise you we are enjoying the piece of art.

3.      You often baffle us: Girls going to the bathroom in pairs; that takes the crown, it’s bewildering. How now? Add onto that how much time you take while applying make-up. Goodness!!!

4.      When we say we like your natural beauty, we mean it. We don’t need no lecture or a second opinion. We meant what we said.

5.      We are not superhuman. Yes, I know you heard that coming. When you have expectations, give it voice and expression. Kindly don’t assume we have some uncanny ability to pick it from your body language or cues. We are not Indiana Jones. We are very clueless on a treasure hunt like this. We understand words more and prefer them to hints. Thank you very much.

6.      Be nice when we forget our anniversary. We can barely remember the exact date/what you wore/the restaurant/ location when we first met. We treasure the memory, we just don’t remember the details.

7.      When you have a new hairstyle, dress out of the norm or at least make it obvious when you go to the salon so we are bit more attentive when you come back. Don’t take it personally; it’s just when you look deep into our eyes, you captivate our hearts and our brains can’t work no more. All we hear is our heart pounding and we wonder, can she hear how powerful she is? I could lose my heart.

Do let me know more of your thoughts below. Check out my colleague Lillian’s article onThings Women wish Men knew. Gents, you could earn yourself some valid points if you take her advisement. Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world. Check out my colleague Lillian’s post on ‘Things Women Wish Men Knew’  Click HERE

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