THINGS WOMEN WISH MEN KNEW Kindly note that these are not entirely my views but a collection of statements given by...

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Kindly note that these are not entirely my views but a collection of statements given by several women. Things women wish men knew. 

  1. All women want a commitment, playing hide and seek at the boundary of friendship-dating or dating-marriage is a brutal cycle that really gets to them. Would it kill you to just be open and tell the women in your lives whether or not we are headed to something concrete (and if possible the time limit)? If you do not see a future between yourself and the lady you are with, then be frank about it and if the lady will still stick by you then all well and good.
  2. Put on a good dose of moisturizer all over your body, hehehe, cracked ashy skin is not pretty. (Don’t kill the messenger).
  3. Women have this bad habit of comparing their relationships to their  friends. It is immature I know…but most cannot help it so meet them half way. It would be nice if once in a while, you would go out and do something romantic for her so she can at least feel like she got the best catch in the pack. And, just putting it out there, taking out the trash is not romantic.
  4. Kindly stand the tantrums or emotional cycles that come with dating a woman. Sometimes it’s hormones and other times they simply feel like crap because well…cramps. These are not voluntary, it’s all biology, google it.
  5. Pregnant women have crazy cravings and when they ask for something, it would be a wise decision to humbly heed the call. More often than not, they will throw in the I-am-carrying-your-baby card and you will have no come back because guess what, they are right. You will never get to go through half the things they go through during that period. Also refer to point number 4.
  6. Silence makes women jump to conclusions nearly all the time. Their minds are their worst enemies when it comes to coming up with conclusions about your relationship. You will need to speak to regulate the level of crazy that they come up with, when they are left in an uncertain state. Speak up when you are mad, speak up when you are happy, and basically just communicate. I understand that men are naturally wired to speak less than women but meet your women half way, will you?
  7.  They love men who take charge. Men who know what they want and go for it, men they can lean on when the going gets tough. Crying when your favorite team loses is okay, shedding tears after someone passes away is very understandable, crying all the time over every single thing tends to get a bit awkward. It works against you, more than you will ever know.
  8. A woman who loves you will try and pamper your ego even when she shouldn’t because women feel good when their men look good. If you earn peanuts as compared to her salary, know that she probably will keep it to herself even when prying relatives pester her about it. Appreciate that, don’t start battering her and picking up fights over your own insecurities. Work harder to be the man she plays you out to be. A time will come when she will get tired.

Any additional things women out there wish men to know? Kindly comment below. Don’t forget to check out my colleague’s article on ‘What Men wish Women knew’…It’s a pretty good read.  Click HERE to read

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