PHONES AND DATES It was on Facebook on your phone that you first received that message in the evil hours of the night and...

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It was on Facebook on your phone that you first received that message in the evil hours of the night and it was a simple “Hi” but there was no suspicion. It was the message you had been waiting for. And, with the quick moving of time, it has been months since that day and now you have a connection, one that your mind cannot explain but your heart can clearly understand. Call it Love, Like, Want, whatever you call it. It is time to get ready for your first date and you cannot help but notice the phone that started this all. And, to give it its due respect, you carry it with you on the date. Trouble!

Many people are unable to differentiate a date, a selfie festival, a cyber café, and a texting competition. When you are on a date, your phone, ipad, ipod, tablet, or laptop are not your best friends. For men, they are a turn off. I took you on a date because I wanted your presence. I want to have a conversation with you. I want you to know me as much as I want to know you. When you are giving the phone more attention than the date, there is a problem. If I wanted us to talk on phone, I would have called you, texted you, sent you a WhatsApp message or even tweeted you (who tweets his girl?). Nevertheless, I took you on a date, very important. A date.

When a man has taken you on a date and you are spending all your time on the phone, it intimidates him (bad move). An intimidated man is worse than a hungry lion. It shows the man that you are not interested in him. It shows the man that you have more important things to do than talk to him. It shows the man that you would rather be on snapchat than talk to him… and so the list goes on. It shows the true you. Apart from bad body odour due to hygiene reasons, this is probably the second best way to send a man running away at a freakily high speed.

When you go out on a date with us (the men), just talk to us. Don’t worry about the bill. Just give us some attention. I would rather have 5 minutes of your time, than have 3 hours that honestly belonged to social media. I understand you cannot bear switch off the phone but you can put it away. I know you want to take a selfie. But that is a 10-second thing that does not take attention from any of us. Even if you do not like him, at least pretend. From Douglas. To get a female perspective on this, please click HERE to read my colleague Lillian’s views.

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