FEMALE PERSPECTIVE By Lillian Sudi – On One Night Stands

On One Night Stands Cindy was woken up by the snore of man which she initially mistook for the cry...

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On One Night Stands

Cindy was woken up by the snore of man which she initially mistook for the cry of a distressed gorilla. She opened her eyes and for nearly a minute thought she was still asleep, in a horrible nightmare. Nothing but her turquoise handbag looked familiar.  

Her eyes scanned the room as she battled through the haze of liquor topped up with a crazy hangover  for hints of the happenings of the previous night. “Let’s go out,” they said, “It will be fun”…they said. She turned round to look at the man she had spent the better part of the night with; he was not in any way, shape or form, hertype. Quite the opposite actually; short, pot belly sticking out like a sack of maize in her mother’s store back in the village, drooling out a pool of saliva on his pillow…what happened? Then it all dawned on her. She could have sworn that he’d looked like Denzel Washington at the bar, the night before. 

She stood up, scrambled for her undergarments and started scouting for an indication that she actually used protection the night before. You see after several similar encounters she had mastered the art of things to do the morning after a casual roll in the hay. Crawling on the filthy floor while nursing a crazy hangover, she spotted her phone under the bed and immediately switched on her GPS to track her location on Google Maps, she then switched on to Uber and called a cab. Cheers to another wreck less night, blame it on the alcohol or not…who cares? Point is, it was a fun night, now it was over and so was the liquor.  

One thing about casual relationship, however cool she plays it; the woman is always served with a huge side dish of regret but despite the fact that she felt quite low and disappointed with herself, it was a feeling she was slowly growing accustomed to. 

With relationships getting more and more complicated women have started warming up to the act of casual relationships. Though it is important to note that women and men engage in casual relationships for completely different reasons, this is because women always raise their standards in their cases and partake of the not-so-forbidden-fruit-anymore because they feel flattered and attractive at the moment while men tend to be up for whatever…literally. 

For this reason, men always have a win-win when it comes to casual relationships and rarely regret it. On the contrary and despite women’s attempt to gain control over their sexuality, there is always the bitter after taste of being used, that of regret and the realization that the man you just happened to be naked with could have been a serial killer who would have harvested your kidneys and sold them off in the black market. But in light of all this, these are evolving times and people should brace themselves for more meaningless encounters. Just like Cindy, most people of the Y Generation do not want to invest their time in relationships and find the hit and run a less cumbersome endeavour. 

As she gathered her items she spotted the protection and heaved out a huge sigh of relief. She slipped on her heels, opened the fridge and packed a good doze of food for the road. She did not want that awkward moment that comes after the loud-snoring pot-bellied man wakes up, calls her ‘Caro’ instead of Cindy and asks for her number…one that he was never intending to use. On her way out she spotted an old newspaper on a table with a huge quote in bold that read ‘No woman should be flattered because a man wants to sleep with her once, empowerment should make women better.’She looked away, locked the door behind her, boarded the cab waiting outside, went on home and took a bath. Life goes on. Wishing you all, a lovely weekend ahead. To get a male perspective on One Night Stands, click HERE to read my colleague Mitchell’s views.

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