MALE PERSPECTIVE By Mitchell Odhiambo – On One Night Stands

On One Night Stands When I was a freshman, like everyone else, I saw the “cool culture” that reigns within...

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On One Night Stands

When I was a freshman, like everyone else, I saw the “cool culture” that reigns within the University walls. Young lads popularly branded as “Team Mafisi” pick up young girls for a night out to savour the freedom and liberty they got. The ladies that fall victim to this are locally branded as “Chips funga” i.e. “Take away chips” No strings attached, just some time out for man and woman to explore each other and go their separate ways thereafter.

I am sure we can all mention a friend’s friend who seems to have no values or dignity whatsoever. One morning she wakes up at Kamau’s, the next at Otieno’s, at Musyoka’s the following week and life seems to go on. As long as she keeps on contraceptives, she believes she is fine. Dare you question her character, she will skin you alive. Though deep down, she seems  broken and needs help.

Men as we are designed, we are innately predatorial. A little peer influence is enough to get a group of young men inspired to pursue young girls for selfish gain. As soon as he has access to the cookie jar, you cease to exist for him. He had set before him a challenge and he has conquered. He is set off for the next challenge as though nothing happened. Women on the other hand, can become attached and this is cause for pain, bitterness and turmoil.

That notwithstanding, the culture is prevalent. To men this is an absolute score. The more ladies he can chips funga the more respect he earns. I highly doubt the same applies to our fellow women. Our society is structured as so. If a Key can open several padlocks, it is branded a Master key, however if a padlock is opened by any key that goes through it, it is deemed spoilt and unfit for use. A lot of disdain accompanies it.

Just between us, men profile women either as wife material or a no go zone for a serious relationship. If he ever gets the impression that it is easier for him to unlock you than your phone’s password, he will relegate you to the No go zone quicker than you can say excuse me.  

My parting words: Protect your dignity, keep your head held high. Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell. Welcome to a man’s world . To get a female perspective on One Night Stands, please click HERE to read my colleague Lillian’s views

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