MALE PERSPECTIVE By Mitchell Odhiambo On Why Women love Bold and Decisive Men

On Why Women love Bold and Decisive Men

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On Why Women love Bold and Decisive Men

A friend of mine came clean and told me that she has no interest in men who do not know what they want. That if I ever find her pining all her hopes on a man who is indecisive, that I am to shoot her in the head and spare her the misery. Why so?

Well, women love men who are bold and decisive. Women love it when men are sure about what they want and then go and get it. If you are attracted to her then tell her or at least, work out a friendship then ask her out.  Do you want her hand in marriage? Go ahead and talk to her parents. Do you want to call her? Go ahead and dial her line. Don’t send her text messages asking if you can call her. Just do it

Bold and decisive men come across as initiators. Women love the thrill of following a man who seemingly has a sense of direction, one who can or at least will try to move heaven and earth to secure her happiness. A man who can stand up for his wife and kids as opposed to one who takes all assault seated and watching.

I believe women are attracted to the alpha male, top of the food chain. One who wouldn’t feel threatened by a group of women but instead, would comfortable walk towards them, stretch out his hand, pull her from the dinner table and walk away with her in his arms and probably into his Mustang. That my friend is the dream of many women. You do not have to own the Mustang but bring the aura. Be bold, charming and irresistible.

Am sure our female friends feel frustrated when they have to keep guessing. Is he or is he not interested in me? Is he being mysterious or is he just shy? In my eyes this uncertainty excites 18yr olds but not beyond a certain age when maturity kicks in. You either bring the game or don’t bring it. No one has time to second guess your intent.

Spare the village your drama. Go and ask her out. Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. To get a female perspective, please click link to read my colleague Lillian’s views –  

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