Top 5 – Ways to impress on your first day By Michael Cheary

Top 5 - Ways to impress on your first day By Michael Cheary Published by So, it’s finally here. You nailed your CV, aced the interviews,...

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Top 5 – Ways to impress on your first day By Michael Cheary Published by

So, it’s finally here. You nailed your CV, aced the interviews, and you got the job. You celebrated accordingly (and you’ve now recovered accordingly), but the big day has finally arrived, and it’s time to start work.

Being completely new can be intimidating and, for some of us, overwhelming. But as long as you keep a few simple things in mind, you’ll be part of the furniture in no time.

To help you fit in, here are our top five ways to impress on your first day…

5. Be early/work late

On your first day, punctuality is the key to making a good impression from the get-go. Even if you think you can make the journey in 10 minutes, today is not the day to put that theory to the test. Leave an hour early, two even, just to be on the safe side.

And, when it comes to the end of the day, don’t be the first one out of the door. Make sure your conscientiousness shows your new employers they made the right choice. (You can always wait with the security guard).

4. Use your initiative

There are lots of ways to use your initiative. The ‘safe’ way is simply to offer your help. But will this really make you stand out?

If the phone rings, for example, don’t sit there looking at it and waiting for someone else to answer it, just go ahead and do it. You’ll win admiration for your confidence, (not to mention the witty ad-libs) and, pretty soon, you’ll be the talk of the office.

3. Make friends/ Buddy up

We know that when you’re the ‘new guy’, this is easier said than done. However, showing you have a sociable side is half the battle. Try finding the most popular person in the office, then follow them around for the rest of the day (‘Who’s the new girl?’ ‘No idea, but she’s been with Frank all day, and if she’s OK with Frank, she’s ok with me’ etc).

Failing this, get everyone in the office lunch. Who said you can’t put a price on friendship?

2. Laugh at everything

This one is a no-brainer. There will be many a hilarious ice-breaking ditty heading your way today. Some of them may be genuinely humorous; most of them will not. Whatever the joke, however, always be sure to laugh uncontrollably.  Slap your leg and wipe away the tears like you’ve just been told the funniest joke in history.

But make sure you pay attention to tone here: there’s a fine line between being magnanimous, and being maniacal.

1. Don’t be yourself

Ok, slightly controversial. We’re sure you’re a very nice person, with many endearing qualities, that we’d really like if we got to know you. The point is, your colleagues will have plenty of time to get to know you, so don’t try too hard. No-one’s going to mind if you’re not hilarious.

Use day one as a way to test the water, not your co-workers’ boundaries.

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