FEMALE PERSPECTIVE: On Why Women Love Tall Men By Lillian Sudi

On Why Women Love Tall Men For females, when it comes to matters of finding a suitable spouse, Mr Tall, Dark...

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On Why Women Love Tall Men

For females, when it comes to matters of finding a suitable spouse, Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome, still prevails.

There is a reason why tall precedes, the list. We can almost always agree on the height of a person hence that makes height the least relative on the list.  With all factors held constant, tall men always have a taller hand…sorry, I meant upper hand, in getting the girls.

Truth is, a huge percentage of women are programmed to find tall men attractive. It is nothing personal. That doesn’t mean short men are disregarded, it just means they have to put in more work and personality to compensate the inches. Life’s not fair unfortunately.  So why do women drool over the tall man in the crowd?

There is just something appealing about tall men. First of all; tall men seem stronger. They might be skinny and weak but the fact that they tower over you makes you feel protected. Secondly; taking a look at most successful men, you’ll realize that they are relatively taller than their women which conceives the virtual equation of height=power. Remind me to write about how much women love power one day, but for now, just know they do. Third; women love men who make them feel feminine.

Generally, if a man is bigger than you, then you tend to feel more of a woman and are more compelled to submit. Fourth; rumor also has it that they have a mating advantage…but what do I know? However true or false, I know a couple of women who would vouch for that rumor. Fifth; they also tend to have  high self esteem, this might come from the fact that people ‘look up to’ them, quite literally in fact. They hardly ever try to get noticed and because they already have a presence; they adopt being quiet, calm and collected as traits. Those qualities make them quite attractive to women.  Sixth is the freedom to wear heels without feeling like Goliath when standing next to your man. No need to further expound on that. Lastly; this might seem shallow but most women love ‘kissing up’, literally. Tiptoeing slightly for a kiss or a hug is so darn romantic. But then again…what do I know?

With all that, you would wonder why women aren’t busy scrambling for basketball players but the truth is, taller isn’t always better and other factors come into play. Height, like beauty, is just an initial allurement which fades with time so just because the tall get the girl doesn’t mean they get to keep them. There is also the issue of height compatibility, yes women want tall men but it has to be relative to their own height. They want to be able to see their man’s face without craning their neck too much. And that is where the world tries to level out the playing field for the men who are vertically challenged.  Click link to read my colleague Mitch’s views on Why Men Love Women With Big Bottoms

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